National Museum Library (KNM), Prague

49 E. 38

Copy, dated 16 August 1610, on the flyleaf of a printed exemplum of Weston's Parthenicôn...Libri III (Prague, [1608]). In the hand of Christoph Girsner (1552-1629), of Nuremberg, jurist, who has also added a few marginal comments in Latin in the printed text of the volume. c.1610.

WeE 2: Elizabeth Weston, Ad Lectorem (‘Omnia præsenti, Lector, quæcunque libello’)

Recorded in Collected Writings, and some of Girsner's marginal comments edited (with an English translation) on pp. 306-7.

Twenty-four verses to the reader of Weston's Parthenica, subscribed ‘Elisabetha Joanna, Vxor Joannis Leonis...Pragæ 16. Augusti Ao 1610’. Collected Writings (2000), pp. 304-7, with a facing English translation (beginning ‘Reader, in this present volume all works whatsoever’).