Elizabeth Weston


Ad Lectorem (‘Omnia præsenti, Lector, quæcunque libello’)

Twenty-four verses to the reader of Weston's Parthenica, subscribed ‘Elisabetha Joanna, Vxor Joannis Leonis...Pragæ 16. Augusti Ao 1610’. Collected Writings (2000), pp. 304-7, with a facing English translation (beginning ‘Reader, in this present volume all works whatsoever’).

WeE 1

Copy, in a neat roman hand, dated 16 August 1610, on a flyleaf. In a printed exemplum of Weston's Parthenicôn...Libri III (Prague, [1608]), together with some Latin verses inscribed in probably the same hand in Liber I, sigs D2v-D3r: namely, two lines subscribed ‘E. J. W.’; four lines subscribed ‘E. J. W.’; and two lines subscribed ‘E. D. WL.’; a four-line Latin inscription on the last blank leaf of Liber III in possibly another hand. c.1610.

The poem ‘Ad Lectorem’ edited from this MS in Collected Writings, with a complete facsimile on Plate 8 after p. xxxi.

British Library, C.61.d.2.

WeE 2

Copy, dated 16 August 1610, on the flyleaf of a printed exemplum of Weston's Parthenicôn...Libri III (Prague, [1608]). In the hand of Christoph Girsner (1552-1629), of Nuremberg, jurist, who has also added a few marginal comments in Latin in the printed text of the volume. c.1610.

Recorded in Collected Writings, and some of Girsner's marginal comments edited (with an English translation) on pp. 306-7.

National Museum Library (KNM), Prague, 49 E. 38.



Collected Writings, pp. 330-1.

*WeE 3

A probably autograph letter, in Latin, in a cursive italic hand, to Joseph Scaliger, 17 December 1602. 1602.

Edited from this MS, with a translation into English, in Collected Writings, with a facsimile, Plate 9, after p. xxxi.

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich, Germany, Clm lat. 10383, f. 277.