Zentralbibliothek, Zürich, Switzerland

Ms. F. 46, pp. 8/11

Autograph letter signed by Bale, to Josias Simler, 4 March 1559. 1559.

*BaJ 44: John Bale, Letter(s)

Edited with a facsimile, in Theodor Vetter, Litterarische Beziehungen zwischen England und der Schweiz im Reformationszeitalter (Zurich, 1901), pp. 39, 43. Recorded in McCusker (1942), p. 110.

Ms. S. 96, Nr. 11

A transcript of Bale's dedication to William Williams of the section on Irish writers in his Scriptorum illustrium Maioris Brytanniae catalogus, Part II (Basle, 1559), pp. 231-2. 18th century.

BaJ 27.5: John Bale, Scriptorum illustrium Maioris Brytanniae catalogus

First published in Basle, 1557. Reprinted in facsimile (Farnborough, 1971).

Ms. S. 96, Nr. 96

A transcript of Bale's dedication to Sulcer, Bullinger, Calvin, and Melanchthon of his Acta Romanorum pontificum (1558). 18th century.

BaJ 1.3: John Bale, Acta Romanorum pontificum

First published in 1558.

See also BaJ 23.