John Wolfson, New York


Copy, in a secretary hand, untitled, subscribed ‘finis qd Ant. Bab.’ [i.e. ascribed to Anthony Babington (1561-86), Catholic conspirator, who was executed with Tichborne on 20 September 1586]. On the recto of the last blank leaf in a printed exemplum of Giovanni Boccaccio, The Tragedies gathered by Ihon Bochas (London, [1558]), a folio in contemporary calf. Late 16th century.

TiC 45: Chidiock Tichborne, Tichborne's Lament (‘My prime of youth is but a frost of cares’)

Inscribed names at the end of the volume of ‘Cropley 1595’ and ‘John Edwardes’. Later inscribed ‘Presented by Peter Haztie Esq On the 30t day of October 1848. by his friend Philip Hone’. Bookplate of Edwin B. Holden.

First published in the single sheet Verses of Prayse and Joy Written Upon her Maiesties Preseruation Whereunto is annexed Tychbornes lamentation, written in the Towre with his owne hand, and an answer to the same (London, 1586). Hirsch, pp. 309-10. Also ‘The Text of “Tichborne's Lament” Reconsidered’, ELR, 17, No. 3 (Autumn 1987), between pp. 276 and 277. May EV 15464 (recording 37 MS texts). For the ‘answer’ to this poem, see KyT 1-2.

[Cavendish MS]

Copy, in a professional secretary hand, 128 quarto leaves, in contemporary limp vellum. Late 16th-early 17th century.

CvG 55: George Cavendish, The Life of Cardinal Wolsey

Later in the library of Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bt (1792-1872), book and manuscript collector: Phillipps MS 9645. Afterwards in the library of Lawrence W. Hodson, Compton Hall, Nr Wolverhampton. Sotheby's, 13 December 1993, lot 228, to Quaritch.

Recorded in Edwards (No. 6).

First published in George Cavendish, The Life of Cardinal Wolsey and Metrical Visions, ed. Samuel W. Singer, 2 vols (Chiswick, 1825). The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey by George Cavendish, ed. Richard S. Sylvester, EETS, orig. ser. 243 (London, New York and Toronto, 1959).

[Chapman's Hesiod]

Autograph seven-line inscription by Chapman, on a possibly tipped-in leaf, presenting the volume to Jaspar Tyon. c.1618.

*ChG 23: George Chapman, Chapman, George. The Georgicks of Hesiod (London, 1618)

Inscribed ‘Wm. Young 1753’. Later owned by Isaac Reed (1742-1807), literary editor and book collector; by W.H. Miller, MP (1789-1848), of Britwell Court, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, book collector; in 1924 by Dr A.S.W. Rosenbach (1876-1952), Philadelphia bookseller and scholar; and by Arthur A. Houghton, Jr (1906-90), American businessman and collector. Christie's, 13 June 1979 (Houghton sale, Part I), Lot 111, to Fleming. Sotheby's, New York, 9 November 1989 (Garden sale), lot 93.

The inscription is printed in Tannenbaum, p. 146, with a facsimile, Plate IX. A facsimile of the inscription is also in Christie's sale catalogue (Plate 16), and in Cummings, p. 225.

[Cymbeline MS]

A MS copy of the last page of Cymbeline as in the First Folio (London, 1623), p. 399 (misprinted as 993), on a separate folio leaf, presumably originally written to supply the missing leaf in an exemplum of the First Folio. c.1623-40s.

ShW 41.8: William Shakespeare, Cymbeline

The verso of the leaf inscribed ‘Elizabeth Rockett’ and ‘Richard’.

First published in the First Folio (London, 1623).

[Four Prentises]

MS spelling corrections, in the margins of several pages (including sigs G4r, H2v, I3r-I4r, and L1r) in an exemplum of the first edition of the play (1632), a quarto in modern red morocco gilt.

HyT 6.8: Thomas Heywood, The Foure Prentises of London

Booklabel of Jerome Kern (1885-1945), musical theatre and film composer.

First published in London, 1632.

[Jonson volume]

A printed exemplum containing Jonson's presentation inscription to his worthy Friend Mr. John achmoty, for the hospitable favors I receivd of him in Scotland, dated 3 July 1619. 1619.

*JnB 758: Ben Jonson, Workes (1616)

Sotheby's, 24 October 1977, Lot 29, to A. Scott.

Facsimiles of the inscription in Sotheby's hard-cover sale catalogue and in the British Library, RP 2693.

[Life of More MS]

Copy, in a single secretary hand, lacking a title, 63 folio leaves, in vellum boards. Inscribed later on a flyleaf ‘This written by William Roper son in law of Sr Thomas Moore’. Early 17th century.

MrT 105: Sir Thomas More, William Roper's Life of Sir Thomas More

Owned in 1716 by Edward Burton, of Oriel College, Oxford. Inscribed on a flyleaf ‘I lent this MS to Mr Hearne who publish'd it at Oxon in 8vo. 1716’: i.e. the copy text for G. Roperi vita D. Thomæ Mori...lingua Anglicana contexta (Oxford, 1716), edited by Thomas Hearne (1678-1735), antiquary. Later inscribed ‘John Burns. August 26 1921’. Bookplate of W.A. Foyle (1885-1963), of Beeleigh Abbey, Essex, bookseller. Christie's, 12-13 July 2000 (W.A. Foyle sale, Part III), lot 303.

Edited from this MS in Hearne.

First published in London, 1626. Edited, as The Lyfe of Sir Thomas Moore, knighte, written by William Roper Esquire, by Elsie Vaughan Hitchcock (EETS, London, 1935).

[Mustapha MS]

Copy, in a single hand, entitled ‘Mustapha A Tragedy. / Earle of Orrery / 1667’, 154 quarto pages, in vellum boards. c.1667.

OrR 36: Roger Boyle, Baron Broghill and Earl of Orrery, Mustapha

First performed on the London stage 3 April 1665. First published, as Mustapha, The Son of Solyman the Magnificent, London, 1668. Clark, I, 225-304.

[The Picture]

Eight pages (sigs M2r-M5v) supplied in MS, in a roman script in imitation of the printed text, at the end of an imperfect exemplum of the first printed edition (1630). c.1630s.

MsP 32.5: Philip Massinger, The Picture

First published in London, 1630. Edwards & Gibson, III, 193-287.


Eight pages (sigs L4r-M3v) supplied in MS, in a secretary hand, at the end of an imperfect exemplum of the first edition (1602). c.1600s.

DkT 44.5: Thomas Dekker, Satiromastix

First published in London, 1602. Bowers, I, 299-395.