Winchester College

MS 60

An extensive series of extracts, apparently copied from the fourth edition of 1658, on 48 quarto leaves. Mid-late 17th century.

BrT 5.91: Sir Thomas Browne, Pseudodoxia Epidemica: or, Enquiries into very many received Tenents, and commonly presumed Truths

Recorded in Keynes, Bibliography, p. 57.

First published in London, 1646. Wilkin, vols II and III, 1-374. Keynes, Vol. II. Robbins (2 vols).

See BrT 29, BrT 32, and BrT 43.

WCM 18957

Autograph formal letter of commission signed, appointing Richard Knight to look after Hoskyns's manor of Titley, 28 June 1628. 1628.

*HoJ 390: John Hoskyns, Document(s)

WCM 19024

Autograph letter signed, giving instructions to James Dalley, from Morehapton, 26 September 1628. 1628.

*HoJ 386: John Hoskyns, Letter(s)

Whitlock, p. 652, with a facsimile on p. xiii.