Duke of Westminster, Eaton Estate Office

Personal Papers 2/29

Copy, in a professional hand, on 30 small quarto pages, in vellum gilt. c.1634-41.

WoH 295: Sir Henry Wotton, A Parallel between Robert Earl of Essex and George Duke of Buckingham

Among the papers of Sir Richard Grosvenor, first Baronet (1585-1645).

Recorded in HMC, 3rd Report (1872), Appendix, p. 215.

First published in London, 1641. Edited by Sir Robert Egerton Brydges (Lee Priory Press, Ickham, 1814).

Personal Papers 2/54

Copy, headed ‘Mr Donne his Elegy vpon his Mistress Chayne’, on the first three pages of a pair of conjugate folio leaves, endorsed in another hand on the fourth page ‘Dr Don his Elegie upon his Mrs Chayne’, imperfect, lacking most of lines 103-13. Early 17th century.

DnJ 406.5: John Donne, The Bracelet (‘Not that in colour it was like thy haire’)

Among the papers of Sir Richard Grosvenor (1585-1645)

This MS discussed, with a complete facsimile, in Dennis Flynn, ‘Donne Manuscripts in Cheshire’, EMS, 8: Seventeenth-Century Poetry, Music and Drama (2000), 280-92 (pp. 286-91).

First published, as ‘Eleg. XII. The Bracelet’, in Poems (1635). Grierson, I, 96-100 (as ‘Elegie XI’). Gardner, Elegies, pp. 1-4. Shawcross, No. 8. Variorum, 2 (2000), pp. 5-7.