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Coll. English Poets q x

Copy, in a professional hand, headed ‘On Paradise lost’, subscribed ‘A. Marvell’, on both sides of a leaf inserted after page 60 in a printed exemplum of Miscellaneous Poems (London, 1681). Late 17th century.

MaA 50: Andrew Marvell, On Mr. Milton's Paradise lost (‘When I beheld the Poet blind, yet bold’)

First published in John Milton, Paradise Lost, ‘Second edition’ (London, 1674). Miscellaneous Poems (London, 1681). Margoliouth, I, 137-9. Smith, pp. 182-4.

[no shelfmark]

A receipt to Charles Lockyer, signed by Congreve, 15 February 1721/2. 1722.

*CgW 137: William Congreve, Document(s)

Recorded in Hodges, Letters, p. x. Edited in Hodges, Man, p. 99.