Untraced Dobell MSS

[Booklet of verse]

A composite booklet of verse, comprising nine unbound quarto and folio leaves. 17th century.

Dobell, sale catalogue No. 68 (1941), item 349.

[unspecified pages]

RaW 368: Sir Walter Ralegh, Epitaph on the Earl of Salisbury (‘Here lies Hobinall, our Pastor while ere’)


First published in Francis Osborne, Traditionall Memoyres on the raigne of King Iames (London, 1658). Works (1829), VIII, 735-6. Latham, p. 53.

Of doubtful authorship according to Latham, p. 146, and Lefranc (1968), p. 84.

[Britannia and Rawleigh MS]

Copy, on seven folio pages, in marbled-paper wrapper. c.1674.

MaA 124: Andrew Marvell, Britannia and Rawleigh (‘Ah! Rawleigh, when thy Breath thou didst resign’)

P. J. Dobell, sale catalogue Literature of the Restoration (1918), item 1249, and Dobell's sale catalogue No. 68 (1941), item 117. Probably the Dobell MS recorded in Margoliouth, I, 227.

First published in A Collection of Poems on Affairs of State (London, 1689). Margoliouth, I, 194-9, as of doubtful authorship. POAS, I, 228-36, attributed to John Ayloffe. See also George deF. Lord, ‘Satire and Sedition: The Life and Work of John Ayloffe’, HLQ, 29 (1965-6), 255-73 (p. 258).

[‘Corbet’ MS]

Copy, here ascribed to ‘Corbet’, in a MS. 17th century.

CwT 435: Thomas Carew, Loves Courtship (‘Kisse lovely Celia and be kind’)

Recorded (as ‘a manuscript formerly in the possession of Mr. P. J. Dobell’) in Dunlap (1949), p. 267.

First published in Poems (1640). Dunlap, pp. 107-8.

[Dorset MS]

Copy, on five quarto pages. Late 17th century.

DoC 64: Charles Sackville, Sixth Earl of Dorset, Colon (‘As Colon drove his sheep along’)

P.J. Dobell, sale catalogue Literature of the Restoration (1918), item 1273.

First published in Poems on Affairs of State (London, 1697). POAS, II (1965), 167-75. Harris, pp. 124-35.

[Hannah MS]

Autograph letter signed by King, to Mr [Richard] Powell at Fosthill, from London, 13 December 1639, in a collection of papers (‘upwards of 80 items’), including letters by Sir Henry Wotton and others, of the Rev. John Hannah (1818-88), schoolmaster and editor. 1639.

*KiH 805: Henry King, Letter(s)

Thomas Thorpe's sale catalogue of manuscripts for 1833, item 769. Sotheby's, 9 December 1929, in lot 152, to Dobell.

Edited, with a facsimile of the signature, in Hannah, pp. xxxviii-xxxix. Recorded in Keynes, p. 8.

[Hero and Leander]

Copy, inscribed in a printed exemplum of Hero and Leander (London, 1629). 17th century.

MrC 3: Christopher Marlowe, In obitum honoratissimi viri Rogeri Manwood militis, quaestorii Reginalis Capitalis Baronis (‘Noctivagi terror, ganeonis triste flagellum’)

Sotheby's, 15 February 1917, lot 2521, to P. J. Dobell.

Edited from this MS in Collier. Discussed in Mark Eccles, ‘Marlowe in Kentish Tradition’, N&Q, 169 (13 July 1935), 20-3, and in Bakeless, I, 116-19.

First published in The Works of William Shakespeare, ed. John Payne Collier (London, 1844), I, xliv. Bowers, II, 540. Gill et al., I, [220].

[King documents]

Two agreements signed by Henry King and others as witnesses, relating to William Norton and to the will of Norton's deceased grandfather William Wickham, one document dated 6 April 1635. 1635.

*KiH 822: Henry King, Document(s)

Photocopies owned by Peter Beal, London.

[King MS]

Copy, in a composite folio volume of verse, 13 leaves in all. 17th century.

KiH 243: Henry King, An Elegy Upon the most victorious King of Sweden Gustavus Adolphus (‘Like a cold Fatall Sweat which ushers Death’)

Dobell, sale catalogue No. 68 (1941), item 347. Quaritch, sale catalogue No. 1083 (Summer 1988), item 26.

First published in The Swedish Intelligencer, Third Part (London, 1633). Poems (1657). Crum, pp. 77-81.

[Macbeth song]

Copy, headed ‘The Song of Macbeth’, on one side of a single quarto leaf (the other side containing the end of an epilogue), apparently extracted from a MS volume. Late 17th century.

DaW 101: Sir William Davenant, Macbeth, II, [v]. Song (‘Let's have a dance upon the Heath’)

P.J. Dobell, sale catalogue The Literature of the Restoration (1918), item 1238, with a facsimile. Collated from this facsimile in Gibbs, pp. lxxvi-lxxvii, 263-4.

Dramatic Works, V, 348. Gibbs, pp. 263-4. Spencer, pp. 105-6.

[Marvell Dialogue]

Copy, on thirteen small quarto pages. Late 17th century.

MaA 163: Andrew Marvell, A Dialogue between the Two Horses (‘Wee read in profane and Sacred records’)

P.J. Dobell, sale catalogue The Literature of the Restoration (1918), item 1250. Probably the Dobell MS recorded in Margoliouth, I, 227.

First published in The Second Part of the Collection of Poems on Affairs of State (London, 1689). Margoliouth, I, 208-13, as ‘probably Marvell's’. POAS, I, 274-83, as anonymous. Rejected from the canon by Lord.

[Mostyn MS 151]

Copy, with ‘addic'onall’ rules, in a folio volume of state and legal papers. 17th century.

BcF 253: Francis Bacon, Ordinances in Chancery

Formerly Mostyn MS 151, from the library of Mostyn Hall, near Holywell, Flintshire, Wales, seat of Sir Thomas Mostyn, second Baronet (c.1651-1700?) and of Sir Roger Mostyn, third Baronet (1675-1739). Sotheby's, 13 July 1920, lot 121, to Dobell.

Recorded in HMC, 4th Report (1874), Appendix, p. 353.

First published as Ordinances made by...Sir Francis Bacon Knight...being then Lord Chancellor For the better and more regular Administration of Iustice in the Chancery (London, 1642), beginning ‘No decree shall be reversed, altered, or explained, being once under the Great Seale...’. Spedding, VII, 755-74 (mentioning, on p. 757, having seen some ‘MSS and editions’ of this work but without specifying them or his copy-text).

[Octavo verse miscellany]

An octavo verse miscellany, containing ‘Imitations and Translations out of Horace; Epigrams out of Martial and other books, translated and imitated...and many other poems...neatly written’, compiled by an Oxford University man, 152 pages, in half-calf. ? Late 17th century.

P.J. Dobell, sale catalogue Literature of the Restoration (1918), item 1283.

[unspecified page numbers]

CnC 9: Charles Cotton, Contentation. Directed to my Dear Father, and most Worthy Friend, Mr. Isaac Walton (‘Heav'n, what an Age is this! what Race’)


First published in Poems (1689), pp. 252-60. Beresford, pp. 89-95. Buxton, pp. 251-7.

[Salusburye MS]

A duodecimo verse miscellany, 78 leaves.

Later owned by Ambrose Salusburye. Sotheby's, 2 December 1907 (A. H. Frere sale), lot 321, to Dobell.

[unspecified page number]

MrJ 76: John Marston, Georg IVs DVX BVCkIngaMIae MDCXVVVIII (‘Thy numerous name with this yeare doth agree’)