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MS 690235f

A formal folio miscellany of verse and prose, in English and Latin, chiefly on affairs of state, in a single professional hand, individual items dated as late as 1697, 286 pages. c.late 1690s.

p. 15

StW 1286: William Strode, Jack on both Sides (‘I holde as fayth What Englandes Church Allowes’)

Copy, untitled.

First published, as ‘The Church Papist’, in Wits Recreations (London, 1640). Reprinted as ‘The Jesuit's Double-faced Creed’ by Henry Care in The Popish Courant (16 May 1679): see August A. Imholtz, Jr, ‘The Jesuits' Double-Faced Creed: A Seventeenth-Century Cross-Reading’, N&Q, 222 (December 1977), 553-4. Dobell, p. 111. Listed, without text, in Forey, p. 339.

pp. 27-8

DrJ 145: John Dryden, Prologue To The Prophetess. Spoken by Mr. Betterton (‘What Nostradame, with all his Art can guess’)

Copy, as ‘spoken by Batterton May: 90 & forbid’.

This MS collated in California.

First published in Thomas Betterton, The Prophetess: or, The History of Dioclesian (London, 1690). Poems on Affairs of State, Part III (London, 1698). Kinsley, II, 556-7. California, III, 255-6. Hammond, III, 231-4.

pp. 29-31

RoJ 595: John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, Upon Nothing (‘Nothing! thou elder brother even to Shade’)

Copy, here in an arrangement beginning with lines 46-51, headed ‘On Nothing p Shepheard’ (here beginning ‘French truth, Dutch Prowess, Brittish policy’), then lines 37-45, headed ‘On Ditto p Buckingham’ (here beginning ‘But nothing why does some thing still permit’). then lines 1-36 headed ‘On Ditto p E: Roch:’.

First published, as a broadside, [in London, 1679]. Poems on Several Occasions (‘Antwerp’, 1680). Vieth, pp. 118-20. Walker, pp. 62-4. Harold Love, ‘The Text of Rochester's “Upon Nothing”’, Centre for Bibliographical and Textual Studies, Monash University, Occasional Papers 1 (1985). Love, pp. 46-8.

p. 31

SeC 58: Sir Charles Sedley, To Celia (‘As in those Nations, where they yet adore’)

Copy, headed ‘On The Scorn full’

First published in The New Academy of Complements (London, 1671). Miscellaneous Works (London, 1702). The Works of the Honourable Sir Charles Sedley, Bat (2 vols, London, 1722), I, 62-3. Sola Pinto, I, 22.

pp. 33-9

DoC 351: Charles Sackville, Sixth Earl of Dorset, Rochester's Farewell (‘Tir'd with the noisome follies of the age’)


First published in A Third Collection of the Newest and Most Ingenious Poems, Satyrs, Songs &c (London, 1689). POAS, II (1965), 217-27. Discussed and Dorset's authorship rejected in Harris, pp. 190-2. The poem is noted by Alexander Pope as being ‘probably by the Ld Dorset’ in Pope's exemplum of A New Collection of Poems Relating to State Affairs (London, 1705), British Library, C.28.e.15, p. 121.

pp. 44-53

CoA 167: Abraham Cowley, A Satyre. The Puritan and the Papist (‘So two rude waves, by stormes together throwne’)

Copy, headed ‘A Satyr The Puritan Papist’, subscribed ‘Abr: Cowley’.

First published, anonymously, [Oxford], 1643. Ascribed to Cowley in Wit and Loyalty Reviv'd (London, 1682). Waller, II, 149-57. Sparrow, pp. 17-28. J.H.A. Sparrow, ‘The Text of Cowley's Satire The Puritan and the Papist’, Anglia, 58 (1934), 78-102.

pp. 53-6

MaA 2: Andrew Marvell, The Character of Holland (‘Holland, that scarce deserves the name of Land’)


First published in Miscellaneous Poems (London, 1681). Margoliouth, I, 100-3. Lord, pp. 88-93. Smith, pp. 250-6.

p. 131

MaA 67: Andrew Marvell, A Ballad call'd the Chequer Inn (‘I'll tell thee Dick where I have beene’)

Copy of ‘The Answer’ only, headed ‘Upon ye Representatives’ and here beginning ‘Curse on those Representatives’.

First published in Poems on Affairs of State (London, 1704). Margoliouth, I, 201-8. POAS, I, 252-62. Rejected from the canon by Lord.

p. 176

ShJ 164: James Shirley, The Contention of Ajax and Ulysses for the Armour of Achilles, Act III, Song (‘The glories of our blood and state’)

Copy of the dirge, untitled.

Gifford & Dyce, VI, 396-7. Armstrong, p. 54. Musical setting by Edward Coleman published in John Playford, The Musical Companion (London, 1667).

p. 177

BuS 2.5: Samuel Butler, Hudibras (‘Sir Hudibras his passing worth’)


Part I first published in London, ‘1663’ [i.e. 1662]. Part II published in London, ‘1664’ [i.e. 1663]. Part III published in London ‘1678’ [i.e. 1677]. the whole poem first published in London, 1684. Edited by John Wilders (Oxford, 1967).

p. 190

RoJ 126.8: John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, Impromptu on Louis XIV (‘Lorraine you stole. by fraud you got Burgundy’)

Copy, headed ‘Eng-’, following the Latin version.

First published in The Agreeable Companion (London, 1745). Vieth, p. 21. Walker, p. 121, as ‘[On Louis XIV]’. See also A. S. G. Edwards, ‘Rochester's “Impromptu on Louis XIV”’, N&Q, 219 (November 1974), 418-19.

p. 269

DrJ 259.2: John Dryden, Don Sebastian, King of Portugal


First published in London, 1690. California, XV (1976), pp. 57-219.