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MSS 1570-1965

Copy. Early 17th century.

RaW 667: Sir Walter Ralegh, A Discourse touching a War with Spain, and of the Protecting of the Netherlands

Formerly owned by the Sotheby family at Ecton Hall, Northamptonshire.

This MS recorded in Guide to the Manuscript Collections of the William L. Clements Library, by Arlene Phillips Sky and Barbara A. Mitchell, 3rd edn (Boston, Mass., 1978), p. 96, No. 148 (44).

A tract addressed to James I and beginning ‘It belongeth not to me to judge whether the king of Spain hath done wrong to the Netherlands...’. First published in Three Discourses of Sir Walter Ralegh (London 1702). Works (1829), VIII, 299-316.

[no shelfmark]

Copy. In the Hubert S. Smith Collection. Early 17th century?.

RaW 1076: Sir Walter Ralegh, A Military Discourse

A treatise beginning ‘Forasmuch as in every doubtfull and questionable matter, it is familiar and common amongst men to be diverse...’. First published in London, 1734. It was probably written by Sir Thomas Wilford (1541-1601?), or possibly by Sir Francis De Vere or Nathaniel Boothe. See Lefranc (1968), pp. 64-5.

[no shelfmark]

Pages 163-84 from a Shakespeare Second Folio (1632), roughly marked up with cuts. Mid-late 17th century?

ShW 62.5: William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Recorded in Shattuck, p. 276, No. 1.

First published in London, 1600.