University of Kentucky, W. Hugh Peal Collection

Accession No. 8379

Autograph, headed ‘A Sea=Voyage from Tenby to Bristoll begun the 5th. Sept: 1652 sent fro Bristoll to Lucasia ye 8th Sept:—’, on the rectos of two detached quarto leaves. Originally part of the Tutin MS (National Library of Wales, NLW MS 775B), where the leaves were once between the present pages 88 and 89. c.late 1650s.

*PsK 326: Katherine Philips, A sea voyage from tenby to Bristoll, 5 of September 1652. Sent to Lucasia 8th September 1652 (‘Hoise up the saile, cry'd they who understand’)

Identified and discussed, with a complete facsimile, in Hageman & Sununu, EMS, 4 (1993), pp. 175-8.

First published in Poems (1664), pp. 39-42. Poems (1667), pp. 19-21. Saintsbury, pp. 519-20. Thomas, I, 88-90, poem 16.