Alexander Turnbull Library

Shenstone Miscellany

A volume entitled ‘A Collection of Poems Transcrib'd & Corrected from Original M.S.S. By W. Shenstone’ [(1714-63), poet]. c.1759.

Annotations by Thomas Percy (1729-1811), Bishop of Dromore, writer. Sotheby's, 29 April 1884 (Percy sale), lot 272.

Published as Shenstone's Miscellany 1759-1763, ed. I.A. Gordon (Oxford, 1952).

pp. 125-6

LoR 44.5: Richard Lovelace, To Althea, From Prison. Song (‘When Love with unconfined wings’)

Copy, by Shenstone, based on LoR 33.

This MS edited in Ian A. Gordon's edition of Shenstone's Miscellany 1759-63 (Oxford, 1852), p. 67.

First published in Lucasta (London, 1649). Wilkinson (1925), II, 70-1. (1930), pp. 78-9. Thomas Clayton, ‘Some Versions, Texts, and Readings of “To Althea, from Prison”’, PBSA, 68 (1974), 225-35. A musical setting by John Wilson published in Select Ayres and Dialogues (London, 1659).

p. 207

DaW 102.8: Sir William Davenant, The Play House to be Lett, Act II. Song (‘Ah, love is a delicate ting’)

Copy in Shenstone's hand.

First published in Works (London, 1673). Dramatic Works, IV, 1-104 (48-9). Gibbs, pp. 262-3.

Stuart 239-241

A printed edition of Machiavelli, bound with Hubert Languet, Vindiciae contra tyrannos (1580).

The volume as a whole

*WaE 887: Edmund Waller, Machiavelli, Niccolò. Princeps (Basle, 1580)

A printed exemplum, with the name ‘Edm Waller’ written seven times on a flyleaf and with Waller's autograph annotations. Mid-17th century.

Recorded in Kathleen Coleridge, Descriptive Catalogue of the Milton Collection in the Alexander Turnbull Library (Oxford, 1980), p. 4. Discussed in Timothy Raylor, ‘Reading Machiavelli: Writing Cromwell’, Turnbull Library Record, 35 (2002), 9-32. No. 24 in the list of books from Waller's library.


*WaE 783: Edmund Waller, ‘fower riuers Eden did adorne & guard’

Autograph draft verses, untitled, beginning ‘fower riuers Eden did adorne & guard’, comprising seventeen lines in all, with deletions and repetitions, jotted on both sides of an endpaper. Edited with facsimiles in Taylor, pp. 18-21.