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A printed edition of Homer.

The volume as a whole

*WaE 882: Edmund Waller, Homer. Opera quae extant omnia (Geneva, 1606)

A printed exemplum, with, on the flyleaf and end-leaf, the signature ‘Edm Waller’, autograph draft verses by him and a four-line autograph note in Latin referring to page 270. This corresponds to lot 500 in the Waller sale of 1832 and to lot 277 in the Waller sale of 1900, when it was sold to Sabin. Mid-late 17th century.

No. 18 in the list of books from Waller's library.


*WaE 765: Edmund Waller, ‘This happened not by chaunce’

Autograph draft verses written on both sides of a flyleaf, comprising a total of 21 lines jotted in five groups:

(i) 2½ + 2½ lines, beginning ‘This happened not by chaunce’.

(ii) two lines beginning ‘A Lyon so wth self prouoking smart’, constituting lines 37-8 in To My Lord of Falkland

(iii) two lines beginning ‘Princes vnarm'd liuing in courts at ease’, echoing in part lines 7-8 in Evadne's opening speech in The Maid's Tragedy Altered (London, 1690), p. 8: ‘Princes that fly, their scepters left behind,/Contempt or Pitty, where they travel, find’

(iv) eight lines (after a deleted false start, ‘Joue vs'd to part’) beginning ‘So Joue from Ida did both hoasts servay’, constituting a version of lines 61-4 in Of a War with Spain, and a Fight at Sea, the first two lines of this section also corresponding to lines 5-6 in To the King, on his Navy

(v) four lines beginning ‘So <some>/<the>bright Clowds seeme all of gould’.

This MS recorded in Wikelund (1970), p. 69, and lines (iv) edited in full, p. 76. Facsimile in IELM, II.ii (1993), Facsimile XXa, after p. xxi.

Unpublished in full.