The Laird of Traquair, Traquair House

Principal Library, Socrates 5th: 32

Copy of the complete text and marginalia without the preface. Partly retraced and annotated by a later hand (of c.1729), described on the title-page as ‘A MSS. from the printed Edition London 1689 with notes in the Margion’, on quarto leaves. c.1689.

DrJ 65: John Dryden, The Hind and the Panther (‘A milk white Hind, immortal and unchang'd’)

Owned in 1708 by the Jacobite Charles Stuart, fourth Earl of Traquair (1659-1741) and in 1729 by one William Stuart. Later owned by Peter Maxwell Stuart, twentieth Laird of Traquair, Traquair House.

First published in London, 1687. Kinsley, II, 467-537. California, III, 118-200.