Surrey History Centre, Woking

BR/OC/5, No. 21

Autograph letter signed by Wither, to the Mayor and Corporation of Guildford, 28 November 1645. 1645.

*WiG 50: George Wither, Letter(s)

Formerly in the Guildford Muniment Room.


Autograph memorandum signed by Goffe, 24 August 1626, f. 17v in the parish register of East Clandon, covering births, baptisms, marriages and burials, from 1558 to 1713, on vellum leaves. 1626.

*GoT 16: Thomas Goffe, Document(s)

Formerly Guildford Muniment Room, PSH/CL.E/1/1.

Facsimile of Goffe's entry in David Carnegie, ‘The Identification of the Hand of Thomas Goffe, Academic Dramatist and Actor’, The Library, 5th Ser. 26 (1971), 161-5 (Plate XIV, opposite p. 13), and in Thomas Goffe, The Couragious Turke, ed. David Carnegie, Malone Society (Oxford, 1974), Plate VI.

CM 1087/X11/165

A receipt for £100 from Lady More to settle a debt of Sir George More due to Donne on 10 July 1629, in a professional secretary hand and signed by Donne, 20 October 1629. 1629.

*DnJ 4152: John Donne, Document(s)

Among papers of the More-Molyneux family, of Loseley Park, near Guildford, Surrey.


Letter signed by George Puttenham (‘George Putenhm’), the text in the secretary hand of a scribe, to Mr [Thomas] Browne and Mr [Wiliam] More (i.e. Sir William More (1520-1600), the Commissioners of the Musters in Surrey), requesting exemption from taxation for the county musters since he is not a resident of Surrey but only temporarily borrowed ‘an other mans howse’ in the shire to ‘serve her matie’, referring to ‘my lord Threasurers warrant’ and to his serving the Queen (‘wherein beside[s] myne ordynary charge I am by comaundment spec[ially] ymployed’), on one (now mutilated) folio page, with address panel on verso, from Putney, 20 December [1560s?]. 1560s?.

*PtG 10: George Puttenham, Letter(s)

Among the Loseley Papers of the More family.


A group of indentures relating to Henry and John King (‘Henry King of London Clarke Archdeacon of Coulchester and John Kinge of Christe Church in Oxford Master of Artes brother of the said Henry’), relating to a transaction between the two brothers and George and Robert More concerning land at Godalming and Artington, between 3 June 1622 and 17 November 1624. 1620s.

Among the Loseley Papers of the More family

Nos 1B and 4

*KiH 817: Henry King, Document(s)

Two deeds signed by both Henry and John King, 3-4 June 1622.


A licence by Henry King, as Bishop of Chichester, entirely in the hand of a clerk, allowing Walter Hendley to eat meat in Lent, 25 February 1662/3. 1663.

KiH 825: Henry King, Document(s)


Official copy of Wither's letter to the Mayor and Corporation of Guildford on 28 November 1645. c.1645.

WiG 50.1: George Wither, Letter(s)

Formerly in the Guildford Muniment Room.


Autograph letter signed, to Sir George More, 3 December 1603.

AndL 62: Lancelot Andrewes, Letter(s)

Among the Loseley Papers of the More family. Formerly at Loseley Park, Vol. XII, No. 115.