Suffolk Record Office


Copy, in a MS volume of notes on various aspects of the law. Mid-late 17th century.

BcF 218.5: Francis Bacon, Maxims of the Law

First published in The Elements of the Common Lawes of England (London, 1630). Spedding, VII, 307-87.

Bacon claimed to have collected ‘300 of them’, of which only ‘some few’ (25 maxims) were subsequently published. For an attempt to track down the ‘missing’ maxims, see John C. Hogan and Mortimer D. Schwartz, ‘On Bacon's “Rules and Maximes” of the Common Law’, Law Library Journal, 76/1 (Chicago, Winter 1983), 48-77.


A confirmation of arms for Thomas Bolton, of Woodbridge, signed by Camden as Clarenceux King of Arms, 25 August 1610. 1610.

*CmW 194: William Camden, Document(s)