Stadtbibliothek Vadiana, St Gallen, Switzerland

MS 92a

Milton's faltering post-blindness autograph quotation from the Greek New Testament (2 Cor. xii, 9: meaning ‘in weakness my strength is made perfect’), and his signature, in the liber amicorum of Johannes Zollikofer, subscribed by Zollikofer ‘Caecus haec apposuit Celeberr:/Milton:’, 26 September 1656. 1656.

*MnJ 102: John Milton, Document(s)

Recorded and discussed (but misread) in W. Fischer, ‘Ein Wenig Bekanntes Autogramm Miltons’, Anglia, 57 (1933), 221-4; in Columbia, XVIII, 271; in LR, IV, 118-19.l; and, with a facsimile in Leo Miller, Milton in the ‘Zollikoffer and Arnold Albums’, MQ, 24 (1990), 99-105. Reduced facsimile in John Milton, Paradise Lost and Other Poems, ed. Maurice Kelley (New York, 1943), p. xvii. Facsimile in IELM, II.ii (1993), Facsimile IIIc, after p. xxi.