Staatsbibliothek, Berlin

MS Lat. oct. 14

Autograph calligraphic MS, almost entirely on rectos only, 45 leaves (100 x 125 mm.), in contemporary calf gilt. A presentation MS to Christian Friis (1555-1616), Chancellor of Denmark, with a prose Dedication to him in French, in numerous styles of script, with colour and gold decoration and figures, and with a self-portrait. 29 July 1606.

*InE 10: Esther Inglis, [Genesis] Tetrasticha selecta historiae Geneseos, Estherae Inglis manu exaratae. Londini. 1606.

In the Kurfürstliche Bibliothek, Berlin, in the second half of the 17th century.

Scott-Elliot & Yeo, No. 24 (pp. 53-4).

Guillaume Paradin, Historiarum memorabilium ex Genesi descriptio tetrastichis versibus (published in Geneva, 1558), in Latin, with Latin verses to Esther Inglis by Melville and Johnston.