Smith College

MS 91

A folio miscellany of verse and prose, in English and Latin, including academic orations, in one or more largely italic hands, written partly in oblong format and from both ends, unfoliated, 154 leaves, in dark brown morocco. c.1651-61.

Inscribed (f. [1r rev.]) ‘Gulielmus Cartwright ejus liber praetium -- 0 -- 9 / 1651’ and . ‘J. Baddam’.

A microfilm of this volume is in the British Library, RP 7250.

f. [1r-v]

RnT 424.2: Thomas Randolph, Aristippus, or The Jovial Philosopher

Copy of the catch sung by Simplicius in praise of Aristippus, headed ‘A Sonnet’ and beginning ‘Aristipus is better in every letter’.

First published in London, 1630. Hazlitt, I, 1-34.

ff. [70r-108r]

BcF 54.933: Francis Bacon, The Advancement of Learning

Extensive extracts, headed ‘Notes out of Bacons advancemt as 'tis translated by G. Wals. August 11. 1661’.

First published, as The Twoo Bookes of Francis Bacon. Of the proficience and aduancement of Learning, diuine and humane, in London, 1605. Spedding, III, 253-491. Edited by Michael Kiernan, The Oxford Francis Bacon, Vol. IV (Oxford, 2000).

[no shelfmark]

Exemplum of the printed edition of Poems (1664), in which, on p. 30, the row of asterisks after line 26 has been neatly filled by a reader as ‘Thy Chains would be but like embracing Arms’. Late 17th century.

PsK 468.8: Katherine Philips, To the noble Palaemon on his incomparable discourse of Friendship (‘We had been still undone, wrapt in disguise’)

Facsimile in Elizabeth H. Hageman, ‘Making a Good Impression: Early Texts of Poems and Letters by Katherine Philips, the “Matchless Orinda”’, South Central Review, 11 (Summer 1994), 39-65 (p. 56).

First published in Poems (1664), pp. 29-31. Poems (1667), pp. 14-15. Saintsbury, pp. 515-16. Hageman (1987), pp. 586-7. Thomas, I, 83-4, poem 12.