Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

MS 59

Copy of a Latin poem of ‘Thomae Campiani Londinatis, D: Med:’ on the Gunpowder Plot, comprising two books of about 680 lines and 560 lines respectively (each with an ‘Argumentum’), with a dedicatory poem ‘Ad augustissimu, serenissimu Jacobum magnae Britanniae regem’ (beginning ‘Querna corona Joui datur olim, Laurea Phoebo’) and five preliminary epigrams on the Jesuits, in a probably professional hand, revisions possibly in another hand written on numerous pasted-on slips, vi + 29 leaves. c.1615-20.

CmT 247: Thomas Campion, De puluerea coniuratione (‘Patroni magnum cano, mirum opus omnipotentis’)

This MS recorded in IELM, I.i (1980), p. 189. Edited from this MS in Lindley & Sowerby.

First published as Thomas Campion: De Puluerea (On the Gunpowder Plot), ed David Lindley, with translation and additional notes by Robin Sowerby, Leeds Texts and Monograph Series, NS 10 (Leeds Studies in English, 1987).