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Copy of Wycherley's last will and testament, 31 December 1715, proved 13 January 1715/16. 1716.

WyW 33.5: William Wycherley, Will


Copy. c.1621.

CtR 485: Sir Robert Cotton, That the Kings of England have been pleased usually to consult with their Peeres in the great Councell, and Commons in Parliament, of Marriage, Peace, and Warre. Written...Anno 1611

Among the family papers of Rachel Wolriche-Whitemore (1908-96), Lady Labouchere, of Dudmaston Hall.

Tract beginning ‘To search so high as the Norman Conquest...’. First published, as The Forme of Governement of the Kingdome of England collected out of the Fundamental Lawes and Statutes of this Kingdome, London, 1642. Cottoni posthuma (1651), pp. [11]-39.