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Copy, headed ‘Elegy’, on both sides of a single long ledger-size leaf. Early 17th century.

DnJ 2158: John Donne, Loves Progress (‘Who ever loves, if he do not propose’)

This MS recorded in Shawcross.

First published in Wit and Drollery (London, 1661). Poems (London, 1669) (as ‘Elegie XVIII’). Grierson, I, 116-19. (as ‘Elegie XVIII’). Gardner, Elegies, pp. 16-19. Shawcross, No. 20. Variorum, 2 (2000), pp. 301-3.

[no shelfmark]

Copy, in a formal rounded hand, on 12 folio pages.

MaA 210.5: Andrew Marvell, Oceana and Britannia (‘Whither, O whither, wander I forlorn?’)

Published in Thompson (1776), III, 307-14. Cooke, II, 17-25. Grosart, I, 443-9. The poem probably dates from 1680-1, after Marvell's death.

MS CC (Eng. misc.)

Copy, without ‘The Answer’, headed ‘The Chequer Inne’ on all four pages of a pair of conjugate folio leaves. Late 17th century.

MaA 80: Andrew Marvell, A Ballad call'd the Chequer Inn (‘I'll tell thee Dick where I have beene’)

See Introduction.

First published in Poems on Affairs of State (London, 1704). Margoliouth, I, 201-8. POAS, I, 252-62. Rejected from the canon by Lord.

[no shelfmark]

A lease to Richard Widmer of properties in Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, signed by Anne Waller and her son Edmund Waller and others, also signed as witnesses by Walter Waller and by one John Milton (not the poet), 14 December [1638]. 1638.

*WaE 838: Edmund Waller, Document(s)

[no shelfmark]

A bond and obligation between Waller and Zachary Allsmith and James Child, of Coleshill, signed by Waller in a shaky hand, 25 March 1687. 1687.

*WaE 856: Edmund Waller, Document(s)