Royal Library, Windsor

III. 34. E

An exemplum of one of the printed editions of 1596 containing transcripts of Harington's autograph dedication to Thomas Markham and marginal annotationa in HrJ 322. Early 19th century.

HrJ 323: Sir John Harington, The Metamorphosis of Ajax

Inscribed (erroneously) inside the front cover, in another hand, ‘Note. written by Walter Scott April 18 1815’. Bookplate of the Carleton House Library: i.e. of the Prince Regent, afterwards George IV (1762-1830).

First published in London, 1596. Edited by Elizabeth Story Donno (New York, 1962).

[no shelfmark]

Autograph, inscribed by Elizabeth on the last leaf of her printed French Psalter (Paris, c.1520) which is lacking its front leaves. c.1565.

*ElQ 1: Queen Elizabeth I, ‘No crooked leg, no blearèd eye’

Edited from this MS in Poetry Book Society Bulletin (November 1958); in Collected Works; and in Selected Works. Edited from the 1958 publication in Bradner.

First published in Poetry Book Society Bulletin (November 1958). Bradner, p. 4, as ‘Written in her French Psalter’. Collected Works, Poem 4, p. 132. Selected Works, Poem 3, pp. 5-6.

[no shelfmark]

Autograph calligraphic MS, almost entirely on rectos only, 54 leaves (120 x 133 mm.), in pink velvet. A presentation MS to Prince Henry (1594-1612), with a Dedication to him, in several styles of script, with colour and gold arms, decoration and figures, and with a self-portrait. 1607.

*InE 17: Esther Inglis, [Octonaires de la Roche Chandieu] Cinquante Octonaires sur la va vanite et inconstance du monde. Dediez a monseigneur le Prince, pour ses estrennes, de l'an, 1607. Escrit et illuminé par moy Esther Inglis

Owned in 1805 by Lady Jemima Hay, daughter of James, fifteenth Earl of Erroll. Later owned by Miss Armstrong and then by Miss R. Myrtle, who bequeathed it to her niece Miss I.M. Sudlow.

Scott-Elliott & Yeo, No. 27 (pp. 56-7). with facsimile examples as Plates 20 and 31 (between pp. 42 and 43). Facsimiles of the title-page and two others in Anneke Tjan-Bakker, ‘Dame Flora's Blossoms: Esther Inglis's Flower-Illustrated Manuscripts’, EMS, 9 (2000), 49-72 (Plates 1, 3 and 6, on pp. 53, 56 and 60).

The French text and facing English translation of verse ‘Octonaires’ by Antoine de la Roche Chandieu (1534-91), the original French first published in Paris, 1586.

Stuart Papers 208/129

Autograph letter signed (‘Jn Barker’), to an unnnamed lady (‘Madam’), 14 August 1730. 1730.

*BarJ 98: Jane Barker, Letter(s)

Complete facsimile in King, Barker, Exile (2000), Figs 7 and 8, between pp. 112 and 113.

Stuart Papers Add. MSS 5.7

Copy of Makin's autograph letter to Dr Baldwin Hamey, 22 November 1675. c.1675.

MaB 9: Bathsua Makin, Letter(s)

Recorded in Teague, p. 180.