Royal Library, Copenhagen

Gl. Kgl. Saml. 3380

Autograph calligraphic MS, ii + 15 leaves + 298 pages (88 x 68 mm.), in contemporary white velvet embroidered. A presentation MS to Prince Charles, with a Dedication to him, in small Roman and italic scripts, with decoration and a self-portrait. 1624.

*InE 38: Esther Inglis, [Psalms] The Booke of the Psalme[s] of David in prose written be Esther Inglis in the fiftie thre yeere of hir age at Edenbrough the V. March, [1]624

Possibly brought to Denmark by Prince George (who married Queen Anne in 1683) or by Leonora Christine, daughter of King Christian IV, who visited the English court in 1663. Transferred from Rosenborg Castle to the Royal Library in 1781.

Scott-Elliot & Yeo, No. 53 (pp. 79-80), with a facsimile of the binding as Plate 28 (between pp. 42 and 43).

The Psalms in English, with Latin verses to Esther Inglis by Melville, Rollock, Johnston, and Bartholomew Kello.

Gl. Kgl. Saml. 3579, 8vo

Octavo MS volume containing two works, by Andrew Marvell and by John Donne. Late 17th century.

Once owned by one H. Dixon and, in London on 24 August 1750, by Chr[istopher] Frid[erick] Temler.

pp. 1-180

MnJ 53: John Milton, Pro populo anglicano defensio

Copy, neatly transcribed from a printed source.

This MS recorded in Columbia, XVIII, 557. Shawcross, Bibliography, No. 404.

First published in London, 1651. Columbia, vol. VII. English translation only in Yale, IV, Part 1, 285-537.

pp. 183-8

MaA 351: Andrew Marvell, The Second Advice to a Painter (‘Nay, Painter, if thou dar'st design that fight’)

Copy of lines 1-344, omitting the envoy ‘To the King’.

First published in Directions to a Painter…Of Sir Iohn Denham ([London], 1667). POAS, I, 34-53. Lord, pp. 117-30. Smith, pp. 332-43. Recorded in Osborne, pp. 28-32, as anonymous.

The case for Marvell's authorship supported in George deF. Lord, ‘Two New Poems by Marvell?’, BNYPL, 62 (1958), 551-70, but see also discussion by Lord and Ephim Fogel in Vol. 63 (1959), 223-36, 292-308, 355-66. Marvell's authorship supported in Annabel Patterson, ‘The Second and Third Advices-to-the-Painter’, PBSA, 71 (1977), 473-86. Discussed also in Margoliouth, I, 348-50, and in Chernaik, p. 211, where Marvell's authorship is considered doubtful. A case for Sir John Denham's authorship is made in Brendan O Hehir, Harmony from Discords: A Life of Sir John Denham (Berkeley & Los Angeles, 1968), pp. 212-28.

Thott 323

Autograph calligraphic MS, octavo. 1606.

*InE 44: Esther Inglis, [Quatrains de Pybrac]

Quatrains in French by Guy du Faur, Sieur de Pybrac (1529-84), first published in 1576.