Royal College of Physicians

Dorchester Library, D 32 b/5

An exemplum with Ralegh's signature, ‘W Ralegh’, on the title-page (midway down on either side) and his autograph motto, ‘Medium Medijs’, at the bottom. c.1582.

*RaW 1035: Sir Walter Ralegh, Rocca, Bernardino. De' discorsi di guerra (Venice, 1582)

The title-page also bears the signature of Ralegh's cousin, George Carew (1555-1629), Baron Carew of Clopton.

This volume recorded by W.R.B. Prideaux in N & Q, 9th Ser. 7 (5 January 1901), 7. It is noted in Ralegh's list of books (Oakeshott's No. 507, with a reference to this volume mistakenly printed under No. 506).

MS 190


MaA 163.96: Andrew Marvell, The Dream of the Cabal: A Prophetical Satire Anno 1672 (‘As t'other night in bed I thinking lay’)

A lampoon sometimes called The Gamball or a dreame of ye Grand Caball. First published in A Second Collection of the Newest and Most Ingenious Poems, Satyrs, Songs, &c. (London, 1689). Edited in POAS, I (1963), pp. 191-203, as possibly by John Ayloffe. Ascribed to Marvell in two MS copies (MaA 163.4 and MaA 163.92).

MS 200

Copy, headed ‘The Epitome of the Civill Warres of England’, on 267 folio pages. Late 17th century.

HbT 11: Thomas Hobbes, Behemoth or The Long Parliament

First published, as The History of the Civil Wars of England, ([in London], 1679). Molesworth, English, VI, 161-418. Edited by Ferdinand Tönnies (London, 1889). 2nd edition, with introduction by M.M. Goldsmith, (London, 1969), and reprinted with an introduction by Stephen Holmes (Chicago & London, 1990).

MS 310, No. 84, f. 119

Autograph letter signed (‘Bathsua Makin’), to Dr Baldwin Hamey (1600-76), physician, from her lodgings at Long Acre, London, 22 November 1675. 1675.

*MaB 8: Bathsua Makin, Letter(s)

Facsimile in Teague, pp. 92.

871-1 (d) 14878

A printed exemplum with Sandys's autograph motto and signature on the title-page, the binding bearing royal arms. 1606.

*SaG 53: George Sandys, Horatius Flavius, Quintus. Poemata, ed. John Bond (London, 1606)