Professor Roots, Exeter

[Andrewes MS]

Copy of the ‘orphan’ lectures, largely in two secretary hands, inscribed ‘Docter Andrewes Sermons in Paules 1591...And in St Gyles 1597. 1598. 1599’, 276 folio leaves. c.1620.

AndL 6.5: Lancelot Andrewes, ‘Orphan’ lectures late 1590s

Inscribed ‘This booke I giue unto my Grand Nephew Mr John Cholmeley for ever’ signed ‘Daniel Hollingworth’ and later ‘August 8. 1754. Given by Nicolas Styleman (of Snetsham in Norf.) Esqr. to John Jones’. Owned before the 1960s by the Presbyterian Seminary of Carmarthenshire, Wales.

This MS discussed, with facsimile examples, in P.G. Stanwood, ‘Lancelot Andrewes's “Orphan Lectures”: The Exeter Manuscript’, EMS, 13 (2006), 35-46.

First published as Apospasmatia SACRA: or A Collection of posthumous and orphan lectures (London, 1657).