Riveredge Foundation, Calgary, Canada

No. .256.16

Copy, ascribed to Ralegh apparently in a 17th-century hand on the rear cover, on 44 pages. Late 16th-early 17th century.

RaW 1061: Sir Walter Ralegh, Estimate of Spain & Portugale as they flourisht in the Yeare 1582

Owned in 1947 by Peter Murray Hill, bookdealer. Christie's, 28 November 1960, Lot 127. Maggs's sale catalogue No. 911, item 130.

Microfilms and other reproductions of the MS are in the British Library (RP 235, made in 1968) and in the Folger (Film Acc. 256 and PR. 1405.E7).

Unpublished. Possibly (but not likely) the lost work Of the present state of Spain, with a most accurate Account of his Catholique Majesties Power and Riches; with the Names and Worth of the most considerable Persons in that Kingdom, which was mentioned in the late 17th century by John Shirley and Anthony Wood as ‘a MS going about from hand to hand, said to have been written by our author [Ralegh]’: see Lefranc (1968), p. 72.