Plume Library, Maldon

MS 0.3.17

MS of the continuation of Chaucer's Squire's Tale by John Lane (fl.1620). 1616.

pp. vi-vii

SpE 9.8: Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene

Quotations from Book IV, Canto II, stanzas 31-5. 1615.

Books I-III first published in London, 1590. Books IV-VI published in London, 1596. Variorum, Vols I-VI.

MS 4

Copy, in a cursive italic hand, 21 quarto leaves (plus five blanks), with two title-pages. The first reading ‘The Forme [Ecclesiasticall Politie deleted] of [the deleted] Church Government Before & After [& After deleted] Christ As it is expressed in the Old & New Testament. The Copie of Bp Andr work as he left it’; the second (deleted) title-page reading ‘A Summary view of ye Governemt of The Commonwealth & Church among ye Israelites in ye Old Testamt And of the Governmt of ye Church planted by Christ & his Aples in ye new Testamt written by ye Rt. Rd. father Bishop Andrews’. Early 17th century.

AndL 55: Lancelot Andrewes, A Summary View of the Government both of the Old and New Testament

Inscribed ‘John Simpson 1640’.

First published (as a work edited by Archbishop James Ussher from Andrewes's ‘rude Draughts’) in Certain briefe Treatises, written by divers learned men, concerning the ancient and modern Government of the Church (Oxford, 1641). In LACT, Pattern of Catechistical Doctrine (1846), pp. 335-62.

See also AndL 43.

MS 22

An octavo notebook, in an italic hand, compiled by Thomas Plume (1630-1704). Late 17th century.

f. [68r-v]

JnB 604: Ben Jonson, Every Man in his Humour

Extracts from Act I, scene i, headed ‘Ben Johnson: Euery man in his homor’.

This MS recorded in Herford & Simpson, I, 186.

First published in London, 1601. Herford & Simpson, III, 191-403.

MS 25

A notebook compiled by Thomas Plume (1630-1704).

Discussed in Andrew Clark, ‘Dr. Plume's Pocket Book’, The Essex Review, 14 (1905), 9-20.

[unspecified page number]

SkJ 13.5: John Skelton, Why Come ye nat to Courte? (‘All noble men, of this take hede’)

Copy of lines 753-6.

Cited in Clark, p. 14.

Canon, C46 & C5, pp. 13-14, 4. First published in London, c.1545. Dyce, II, 26-67. Scattergood, pp. 278-311.

MS 30

A miscellany.


B&F 216: Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, Extracts

Extracts from plays.

MS 31

A MS volume.


HlJ 80: Joseph Hall, Extracts

Extracts from works by Hall.