Pembroke College, Oxford

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Copy, originally untitled, on 39 quarto leaves. c.1630s-42.

BrT 13: Sir Thomas Browne, Religio Medici

Owned before 1783 by the Rev. T. Shrigley.

Edited from this MS in Une version primitive de Religio Medici par Sir Thomas Browne, ed. Jean-Jacques Denonain (Alger, [1958]), with a facsimile of p. 1 as frontispiece. Recorded and collated in part by subsequent editors. See also F.L. Huntley's review of Denonain's edition in MP, 58 (1959), 58-62.

First published (unauthorised edition) [in London], 1642. Authorised edition published [in London], 1643. Wilkin, II, 1-158. Keynes, I, 1-93. Edited by Jean-Jacques Denonain (Cambridge, 1953). Martin, pp. 1-80. Endicott, pp. 1-89.