Pembroke College, Cambridge

4. 10. 24

with his autograph annotations.

*AndL 56: Lancelot Andrewes, Castro, Alfonsus de. Aduersus omnes haereses (Antwerp, 1556)

4. 11. 22-3

Andrewes's printed exemplum, once owned by John Foxe, with a few annotations also by Andrewes.

*AndL 58: Lancelot Andrewes, Hus, Jan, et al. Historia et monumenta, prima pars (Nuremberg, 1558)

This MS recorded in Chambers, p. 112.


Autograph annotations and marginalia. Late 16th century.

*HvG 40: Gabriel Harvey, Boccatius, Joannes [Decembrio, Pier Candido]. Compendium Romanae historiae, oppido quam succinctum, & jam primum in lucem editum (Strassburg, 1535)

Stern, p. 203.

LC. II.174

Copy, in the hand of Andrewes's secretary, Samuel Wright, given by Wright to Richard Drake, with Drake's annotations, and with further additions and corrections in another hand. c.1626-48.

AndL 45: Lancelot Andrewes, Preces privatae

This MS described in Brightman, pp. xvi-xviii.

First published in an English translation as The Private Devotions, ed. Humphrey Moseley (London, 1647). Selections of the original Greek and Latin version published in Verus Christianus, ed. David Stokes (Oxford, 1668). A more comprehensive version published as Preces privatae, Graece et Latine, ed. John Lamphire (London, 1675). Translated by F. E. Brightman as The Preces Privatae of Lancelot Andrewes (London, 1903).

LC. II.178-9

Andrewes's printed exemplum, given to him by Dr Thomas Watts, with Andrewes's autograph annotations in Greek.

*AndL 57: Lancelot Andrewes, Demosthenes. Orations (Basle, 1547)

This item recorded in Chambers, p. 109, and in Preces Privatae, ed. F.E. Brightman (London, 1903), pp. xiv-xv. Facsimile of the title-page, with Andrewes's signature, in Welsby, facing p. 47.

[no shelfmark]

MS of a Latin version by Theodore Bathurst (c.1587-1652), Latin poet and clergyman, beginning ‘Forte puer (nec enim titulo potiore misellus’, with a draft dedication to Samuel Harsnet, Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge, in bathurst's hand, bound with a printed exemplum of Spenser's work (1579 edition). c. 1608-16.

SpE 27.91: Edmund Spenser, The Shepheardes Calender

Written between c.1608 and 1616. Published in the 1653 edition of Spenser's poems. Discussed in Leicester Bradner, ‘The Latin Translations of Spenser's Shepheardes Calender’, MP, 33 (1935-6), 21-6.

First published in London, ‘1579’. Variorum, Minor Poems, vol. I, 1-120.

[no shelfmark]

Walton's exemplum. Mid-17th century.

*WtI 153: Izaak Walton, Donne, John. Deaths Duell (London, 1633)

[no shelfmark]

Walton's exemplum. Bound with Donne's Deaths Duell (London, 1633) and also with five other Sermons by Donne, 1622-6, which bear no independent evidence of Walton's ownership. c.1634.

*WtI 160: Izaak Walton, Donne, John. Six Sermons (London, 1634)