Oriel College, Oxford


A corrected proof-sheet (sigs 3R1r-4v: pp. 503, 510, and 3R1v-4r: pp. 504, 509, perfected by 3S2v-3r: pp. 514-15) for the fourth printed edition of the Anatomy (Oxford, 1632). Used as the binder's front and rear endpapers in an exemplum of Gregorius Thaumaturgus, Opera omnia (Paris, 1622). c.1632.

BuR 1.4: Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy

Recorded in Jan Moore, p. 77.

First published in Oxford, 1621. Edited by A.R. Shilleto (introduced by A.H. Bullen), 3 vols (London, 1893). Edited variously by Thomas C. Faulkner, Nicolas K. Kiessling, Rhonda L. Blair, J.B. Bamborough, and Martin Dodsworth, 6 vols (Oxford, 1989-2000).