New York Public Library, Spencer Collection

French MS 8

Autograph calligraphic MS, i + 25 leaves, including one blank (174 x 136mm.), in contemporary red morocco gilt. A presentation MS to Catherine de Parthenay-Larchevêque (1554-1631), Vicomtesse de Rohan, with a Dedication to her, in numerous styles of script, with decoration and figures in black ink and a self-portrait. 23-24 April ‘1501’ [i.e. 1601]

*InE 3: Esther Inglis, [Ecclesiastes] Le Livre de l'Ecclesiaste. De la main d'Esther Anglois françoise: a Lislebourg en Escosse ce xxi d'Avril 1601 [and] Le Cantique du Roy Salomon...ce xxiii d'Avril 1601.

Later given by one Boullet, lawyer in Bordeaux, to M. Walckenaer (1713). Sold by Ellis to Henry Huth (1815-78), book collector. Sotheby's, 2 June 1913 (Huth sale), lot 2659). Also sold by J. and J. Leighton.

Scott-Elliot & Yeo, No. 17 (pp. 46-7), with a facsimile of f. 24r as Plate 32 (facing p. 43). Facsimile of ff. 24v-5r in Georgianna Ziegler, ‘Hand-Ma[i]de Books: The Manuscripts of Esther Inglis, Early-Modern Precursors of the Artists' Book’, EMS, 9 (200), 73-87 (Plate 4, p. 82).

A French translation in verse of Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon in the Bible, with some verses in Latin and French, including two to the Princess de Rohan by Melville and two to Esther Inglis by Melville and Johnston.

French MS 14

Autograph calligraphic MS, on rectos only, 53 leaves (108 x 152mm.), in contemporary calf gilt. A presentation MS to John, first Baron Petre, MP (1549-1613), with a Dedication to him, from Willingale Spain, in various styles of script, with colour decoration and pasted-in self-portrait. The title-page originally dated 1600 but altered to match the date of the Dedication. 1600-1 January 1609.

*InE 14: Esther Inglis, [Octonaires de la Roche Chandieu]Octonaries upon the vanitie and inconstancie of the world. Writin and limd be Esther Inglis the first of Ianuar, 1609 [i.e. 1600]

Sotheby's, 3 March 1924, lot 69, to P. and J. Dobell.

Scott-Elliot & Yeo, No. 13 (pp. 42-4), with a facsimile example as Plate 19.

English translation of French verse ‘Octonaires’ by Antoine de la Roche Chandieu (1534-91), the original first published in 1586. With verses in English to Esther Inglis by ‘S.G.D.’