New York Public Library, Manuscripts Division

Drexel MS 1986


f. ‘43’

VaJ 64: Sir John Vanbrugh, Letter(s)

Copy of Vanbrugh's letter to [Thomas Coke], Vice Chamberlain, [20 January 1707/8]. 19th century.

ff. 45r-6r

VaJ 60.5: Sir John Vanbrugh, Letter(s)

Copy of a memorandum by Vanbrugh to Thomas Coke, Vice Chamberlain, proposing a subsidy by the Queen, 21 February 1707/[8]. 19th century.

f. 58r

VaJ 71: Sir John Vanbrugh, Letter(s)

Copy of Vanbrugh's letter to Thomas Coke, Vice Chamberlain, [mid-April 1708]. 19th century.

Personal Miscellaneous Papers, [no shelfmark]

Copy. Early-mid-17th century.

RaW 642: Sir Walter Ralegh, A Discourse touching a Marriage between Prince Henry and a Daughter of Savoy

A tract beginning ‘There is nobody that persuades our prince to match with Savoy, for any love to the person of the duke...’. First published in The Interest of England with regard to Foreign Alliances, explained in two discourses:...2) Touching a Marriage between Prince Henry of England and a Daughter of Savoy (London, 1750). Works (1829), VIII, 237-52. Ralegh's authorship is not certain.

MSS Col 2388

Copy, on 29 quarto pages, disbound, originally bound with an exemplum of Declaration of the Demeanour &c of Sir Walter Ralegh (1618). Early-mid 17th century.

RaW 791.5: Sir Walter Ralegh, Speech on the Scaffold (29 October 1618)

Transcripts of Ralegh's speech have been printed in his Remains (London, 1657). Works (1829), I, 558-64, 691-6. VIII, 775-80, and elsewhere. Copies range from verbatim transcripts to summaries of the speech, they usually form part of an account of Ralegh's execution, they have various headings, and the texts differ considerably. For a relevant discussion, see Anna Beer, ‘Textual Politics: The Execution of Sir Walter Ralegh’, MP, 94/1 (August 1996), 19-38.

MSS Col 2682

Copy, in a professional hand, on 52 folio pages. Ascribed, in a later hand in pencil, to Charles Sackville, Earl of Dorset. Late 17th century.

HaG 16: George Savile, First Marquess of Halifax, The Character of a Trimmer

Donated in 1927 by the Grammercy Bookshop. Formerly MS *49X134.

This MS collated in Brown, I, 345-96.

First published, ascribed to ‘the Honourable Sir W[illiam] C[oventry]’, in London, 1688. Foxcroft, II, 273-342. Brown, I, 178-243.

[no shelfmark]

Autograph letter signed by Milton, to Carlo Dati, ‘21’ [i.e. 20] April 1647. 1647.

*MnJ 70: John Milton, Letter(s)

Evans's [i.e. Sotheby's] 13 February 1833 (Anderdon sale), lot 369. William Pickering's ‘Catalogue of Biblical, Classical and Historical Manuscripts’, 1834, with Milton family papers in lot 24*. Sotheby's, 12 May 1882 (J. F. Marsh sale), lot 2104.

Edited in Epistolarum familiarium (London, 1674), No. 10; Columbia, XII, 44-53, with an English translation; English translation only in Yale, II, 759-65. Facsimile examples in Sotheby, Ramblings, p. 122; in Columbia, XII, after p. 50; in John Fitchett March, Papers connected with the Affairs of Milton and his Family, Chetham Society Publications XXIV (1851), frontispiece; and in John Milton at 400: A Life Beyond Death (New York Public Library exhibition brochure, 2008), on the penultimate page.