New College, Oxford

Wyatt Library, T.T.24.5

A corrected proof-sheet (sigs 2X1v-4r: pp. 352, 357, and 3F2v-3r: pp. 418-19) for the fourth printed edition of the Anatomy (Oxford, 1632). Used as the binder's front and rear endpapers in an exemplum of Johannis-Henricus Alstedius, Encyclopædia (Herborn, 1630). c.1632.

BuR 1.3: Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy

Recorded in Jan Moore, p. 77.

First published in Oxford, 1621. Edited by A.R. Shilleto (introduced by A.H. Bullen), 3 vols (London, 1893). Edited variously by Thomas C. Faulkner, Nicolas K. Kiessling, Rhonda L. Blair, J.B. Bamborough, and Martin Dodsworth, 6 vols (Oxford, 1989-2000).