Professor Harold Love, Melbourne

[Rochester MS poem]

Copy on a single folio leaf. Late 17th century.

RoJ 594: John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, Upon Nothing (‘Nothing! thou elder brother even to Shade’)

Formerly owned by Harold Love (1937-2007), literary scholar and editor.

Edited in part from this MS in Love. Collated in Walker and, with a facsimile, in Harold Love, ‘The Text of Rochester's “Upon Nothing”’. Photocopy in the British Library, RP 833.

First published, as a broadside, [in London, 1679]. Poems on Several Occasions (‘Antwerp’, 1680). Vieth, pp. 118-20. Walker, pp. 62-4. Harold Love, ‘The Text of Rochester's “Upon Nothing”’, Centre for Bibliographical and Textual Studies, Monash University, Occasional Papers 1 (1985). Love, pp. 46-8.