Lord Kenyon

Kenyon MSS HMC. 43

Copy, in two hands, on two leaves, the second evidently a later replacement for a lost or damaged original. Early-mid-17th century.

RaW 787: Sir Walter Ralegh, Speech on the Scaffold (29 October 1618)

Rcorded in HMC, 14th Report, Appendix IV (1894), p. 24.

Transcripts of Ralegh's speech have been printed in his Remains (London, 1657). Works (1829), I, 558-64, 691-6. VIII, 775-80, and elsewhere. Copies range from verbatim transcripts to summaries of the speech, they usually form part of an account of Ralegh's execution, they have various headings, and the texts differ considerably. For a relevant discussion, see Anna Beer, ‘Textual Politics: The Execution of Sir Walter Ralegh’, MP, 94/1 (August 1996), 19-38.