Estate of Dr Bent E. Juel-Jensen, Oxford

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Copy of 45 characters, headed ‘Characters’, in three hands (A: pp. 1-66, 70-84, 89-95, 101-10; B: pp. 67-9, 96-100; C: pp. 85-8), on 110 octavo pages (plus 87 blank leaves), in contemporary stamped calf. c.1630.

EaJ 83: John Earle, Bishop of Worcester and Salisbury, Microcosmography

Once owned by E. Almack, FSA (his bookplate); by V. Almack; by Clive Coates of Helperley, Yorkshire; and by the Crewe-Milne family(possibly from the library of Robert Monckton Milnes (1858-1945), first Marquess of Crewe, or from that of Anthony Crewe-Milnes. Sold by Quaritch, 1 August 1989.

First published (anonymously), comprising 54 characters and with a preface by Edward Blount, London, 1628. 77 characters in the edition of 1629. 78 characters in the edition of 1664. Edited by Philip Bliss (London, 1811).

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Containing copious contemporary manuscript annotations in an unidentified hand. c.1600.

SpE 92: Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene (London, 1596)

Later owned by Charles Wesley (1707-88), founder of Methodism.

Recorded in BC, 15 (Summer 1966), p. 159.

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A printed exemplum with Drayton's autograph presentation inscription to Sir Richard Brawne.

*DrM 75: Michael Drayton, The Muses Elizium (London, 1630)

A facsimile of the inscription appears in Hebel, V (1961), 266.