Jesuit Archives, Rome

Anglia 14

Copy. In Catalogus primorum Patrum ac Fratrum SJ in Anglia collectus Romae 1640, ex variis libris et catalogis MS praesertim vero libro P. Procuratoris Domus Professae Romanae in quo scribebantur dim nomina novitorum ab AD 1556 et libro simili Domus Probationis S. Andreae inchoato ab anno 1565. c.1640.

SoR 314.5: Robert Southwell, S.J., Catholic Saint, Querimonia

This MS identified and recorded in Brown, pp. xvi-xvii.

An unpublished passage by Southwell previously known only in a Latin recension in Henry More, S.J., Historia missionis Provinciae Anglicanae Societatis Jesu (St Omer, 1660), pp. 173-5. Reprinted, with an English translation, in Publications of the Catholic Record Society, 5 (1908), pp. 294-300.