Isle of Wight Record Office


A miscellany compiled by Vincent Sparkes, Minister of Northwood, Isle of Wight. Mid-17th century.

Formerly recorded as ‘Cromwellian commonplace book’.

Recorded in Mary Damant, ‘A Cromwellian Commonplace Book’, N&Q, 7th Ser. 10 (13 September 1890), 204-5.

ff. 137v-8v

JnB 379.5: Ben Jonson, Ode to himselfe (‘Come leaue the lothed stage’)

Copy, together with (stanza-for-stanza) a Latin version by William Strode (StW 1413) and a Greek version by ‘Mr Maisters of New=colledge’.

First published, with the heading ‘The iust indignation the Author tooke at the vulgar censure of his Play, by some malicious spectators, begat this following Ode to himselfe’, in The New Inn (London, 1631). Herford & Simpson, VI, 492-4.

ff. 137v-8v

StW 1413: William Strode, Ben: Johns. Ode translat. per Gu. Stroad, Proc. Oxon. (‘Scenam defere Musa nauseatam’)

Copy, headed ‘Mr Stroade of Ch: Ch: turning’, together with (stanza-for-stanza) Jonson's original poem (JnB 379.5) and a Greek version by ‘Mr Maisters of New=colledge’.

First published in Ben Jonson, ed. C. H. Herford and Percy & Evelyn Simpson, Volume X (Oxford, 1950), 335-6. Listed, without text, in Forey, p. 351.

For Jonson's original ode, see JnB 367-381.


A small folio book of accounts, from 1625 onwards, compiled by Sir John Oglander (1585-1655), of Nunwell House, Brading, Deputy Governor of the Isle of Wight.

Formerly recorded as ‘Oglander book of accounts’.

f. 88v

MrJ 71: John Marston, Georg IVs DVX BVCkIngaMIae MDCXVVVIII (‘Thy numerous name with this yeare doth agree’)

An anonymous copy.