Huntingdon Record Office

Cromwell Bush 162 (58/29)

Copy, headed ‘Mr Dryden's Poem on OC’, on pages 1-6 of two pairs of conjugate quarto leaves, imperfect. Late 17th century.

DrJ 59: John Dryden, Heroique Stanza's, Consecrated to the Glorious Memory of his most Serene and Renowned Highnesse Oliver Late Lord Protector of this Common-Wealth, &c. (‘And now 'tis time. for their Officious haste’)

Among the papers of the Cromwell family.

First published in Three Poems Upon the Death of his late Highnesse Oliver Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland (London, 1659). Kinsley, I, 6-12. California, I, 11-16. Hammond, I, 18-29.

DD M/28/4/11

Copy, untitled, on a single quarto-size leaf. Mid-17th century.

StW 1285: William Strode, Jack on both Sides (‘I holde as fayth What Englandes Church Allowes’)

Among papers of the Duke of Manchester of Kimbolton Castle.

First published, as ‘The Church Papist’, in Wits Recreations (London, 1640). Reprinted as ‘The Jesuit's Double-faced Creed’ by Henry Care in The Popish Courant (16 May 1679): see August A. Imholtz, Jr, ‘The Jesuits' Double-Faced Creed: A Seventeenth-Century Cross-Reading’, N&Q, 222 (December 1977), 553-4. Dobell, p. 111. Listed, without text, in Forey, p. 339.