Hampshire Record Office


A fragment of an octavo notebook, including verses, in a single rounded hand, nine leaves. A loose paper wrapper is later inscribed ‘Verses writ in old Mr James Harris's hand’: i.e. James Harris (1605-79), of Salisbury, lawyer. c.1630.

Among papers of the Harris (Malmesbury) family.

ff. [2v-3v]

MrJ 42: John Marston, The Duke Return'd Againe. 1627 (‘And art returned again with all thy faults’)

Copy, headed ‘In Ducem reducem’, here beginning ‘And art yu come againe with all thy faults’, subscribed ‘doloris nullus’.

f. [9v]

PoW 48: Walton Poole, ‘If shadows be a picture's excellence’

Copy, headed ‘Commendations of blacke hayre, & eyes in a verie faire Gentlewoman’, imperfect.

First published, as ‘In praise of black Women; by T.R.’, in Robert Chamberlain, The Harmony of the Muses (London, 1654), p. 15 [unique exemplum in Huntington, edited in facsimile by Ernest W. Sullivan, II (Aldershot, 1990)]; in Abraham Wright, Parnassus Biceps (London, 1656), pp. 75-7, as ‘On a black Gentlewoman’. Poems (1660), pp. 61-2, as ‘On black Hair and Eyes’ and superscribed ‘R’; in The Poems of John Donne, ed Herbert J.C. Grierson, 2 vols (Oxford, 1912), I, 460-1, as ‘on Black Hayre and Eyes’, among ‘Poems attributed to Donne in MSS’; and in The Poems of William Herbert, Third Earl of Pembroke, ed. Robert Krueger (B.Litt. thesis, Oxford, 1961: Bodleian, MS B. Litt. d. 871), p. 61.

f. [9v]

HoJ 76: John Hoskyns, The Censure of a Parliament Fart (‘Downe came graue auncient Sr John Crooke’)

Copy of the first 24 lines, headed ‘The parliament fart’, here beginning ‘Downe came braue ancient Sr John Crooke’, imperfect, lacking the last part of the poem.

Attributed to Hoskyns by John Aubrey. Cited, but unprinted, as No. III of ‘Doubtful Verses’ in Osborn, p. 300. Early Stuart Libels website.


A court roll concerning George Puttenham and the manor of Sherfield, on a long strip of vellum, 7 March 1563/4. 1564.

PtG 35: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69/C712 (long strip of vellum)

A fine between Sir John Throckmorton and George Puttenham and his wife Lady Windsor of the manor of Herriard and various lands for £120, [June] 1574. 1574.

PtG 65: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Letter, or copy-letter, signed by Sir John Throckmorton, to Sir John Paulet, on three broadsheet pages, 28-31 March 1579. Concerning financial matters partly relating to George Puttenham and his wife and mentioning his own search of ‘a nomber of papers and bookes confusedly scattered in dyvers places’ concerning his debts, mentioning also in a postscript the violent and outrageous manner in which the Sheriff of Hampshire has entered the manor of Herriard and dispossessed all the tenants to deliver the estate to the Paulets; subscribed with a note signed by Paulet's wife Katherine. 1579.

PtG 143.5: George Puttenham, Document(s)


An inventory of George Puttenham's ‘goodes and howsehold stufe’ at his lodgings in the Whitefriars ‘nere flete strete in London to be delyured in extent to John Pawlet esquier and Thomas Ashe gentleman’, including carpets, hangings, plate, furniture, etc., among them ‘iij greate chestes’, ‘ij greate boxes of wood for writinges with little lockes on them’, and ‘viij quiers of paper’, on three folio pages, 16 May 1578. 1578.

PtG 91: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Notes on the manor of Herriard, its rates and land transactions relating to George Puttenham, including notes by Sir Richard Paulet (d.1614) outlining causes of the dispute between Puttenham and John Paulet, on four quarto pages, 1578. 1578.

PtG 123: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Another note about George Puttenham's land-holdings in the manor of Herriard, on one folio page, undated.

PtG 162: George Puttenham, Document(s)


‘A declaraco[n] of the waste made in and vppo[n] the houses and growndes at heriarde by George Puttenhm Esquire’, on a broadsheet, undated.

PtG 161: George Puttenham, Document(s)


A list of legal costs incurred in the case of George Puttenham versus Lady Windsor, on two folio pages, 30 May 1575 to 9 June 1578. 1575-8.

PtG 92: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Declarations of financial accounts and arrangements made between George Puttenham and Sir John Throckmorton in 1573-74, on three folio pages, endorsed ‘Before the lls [i.e. Lords]’, [1578?]. 1578.

PtG 119: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Receipt, in the hand of a clerk signed by George Puttenham (‘Geo. Putenham’), for an indenture dated 20 December 1559 received from Richard Paulet and also referring to a release of 27 July 1565, on an oblong octavo page, 18 October 1580. 1580.

*PtG 175: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Quoted, with a facsimile, in Willis, p. 460.


Quitclaim to Mrs Paulet, written in the hand of a clerk and signed by George Puttenham and by Sir John Throckmorton, relating to ‘Goodes or wrytynges wthin the white ffryers’, on an oblong slip, 8 May 1578. 1578.

*PtG 90: George Puttenham, Document(s)


An autograph receipt signed by George Puttenham (‘Geo. Putenham’), relating to a ‘wryting’ received from Sir Richard Paulet concerning an annuity of £240 granted to Puttenham by Paulet on behalf of Lady Windsor on 4 June 1565, the receipt witnessed by the scrivener John Browne before the notary John Hunte, on a single page, 4 November 1580. 1580.

*PtG 179: George Puttenham, Document(s)


A note of arrears due to Lady Windsor from 30 May 1575 until her divorce from Puttenham on 9 June 1578, on one folio page, [November 1579]. 1579.

PtG 154: George Puttenham, Document(s)


A note of extracts from court rolls of the manor of Herriard when it was in the hands of Sir Richard Paulet and George Puttenham, on four folio pages, undated. c.1570s.

PtG 160: George Puttenham, Document(s)


An autograph folio account and memorandum book, neatly compiled by Puttenham, 27 leaves (including a few blanks), with three loosely inserted notes of different size, in contemporary vellum. Comprising: a list of debts, 12 October 1574, and money owed to him, to 14 January 1576 (f. 1v); lists of manors belonging to his wife (f. 2v) and sold by Lord Edward Windsor, ‘wer the Queen hath nothinge in them’ (f. 3r); accounts of annual household expenses, including wages of his men and women servants (f. 4r), of his rents, 25 March 1575 (f. 4v), money spent in behalf of Mr Woodes during ‘the tyme of his trowble’, 1 August 1575 (f. 5v), expenses ‘abowte the keapinge and cawses’ of his wife Lady Windsor in 1574-75 (f. 6r), and other miscellaneous expenses, June 1575 (f. 6v); notes about the current state of his lawsuits in various courts, with reference to ‘my bookes therof’, ‘the bookes that must be copied owt’, and related ‘writinges…in a box with Sr Jhon Throckmorton’, 1575 (ff. 8r-9v); ‘The inventary of all my bookes and library’, comprising some 84 items in Latin, Italian, French and English, 10 [or 18?] November 1576 (f. 16v); expenses paid to ‘my farmor Willm’ for making copies and legal work (ff. 18v-19v); a list of witnesses to the payment of money and acquitances of Sir Francis Fleming, including servants of George and Richard Puttenham (f. 22v); ‘Remembrances of deades and writinges concerninge herrierde title’ (ff. 23v-24r); a list of items, largely household stuff, given by Lady Windsor to Katherine Paulet and Mary Ayshe (ff. 24v-25r); ‘An inventory of my pewter at London 1576’ (f. 25v); and an inventory of clothing and jewellery, c. 1575; on 27 leaves (including a few blanks), folio, together with three loosely inserted notes of different size: namely: (1) an autograph receipt signed twice by George Puttenham for ‘bookes & writinges’ given to him by Richard Paulet, including ‘seurall pamphletes of paper bookes writen’ and legal documents, and also ‘one letter of Queen Maryes’, 26 August 1582; and (2 and 3) autograph lists of the contents of a chest, travelling expenses, ‘Thinges browght from Herrierd to Vpton the xijth of october 1575’, debts, 10 May 1576, and clothing. 1574-76.

*PtG 8: George Puttenham, Memorandum Book

Among the papers of the Jervoise family, of Herriard Park.

Facsimile pages in Willis, pp. 420-2.


Autograph letter signed by George Puttenham (‘Geo. putenham’) to Sir Richard Paulet, requesting him to find for him in his ‘boxes of evydence’ that he had in the Whitefriars and ‘in the yron bounde cheste’ an indenture between Puttenham and Kellham Throckmorton relating to Herriard (‘for I must needs vse all the writinges which are contayned in a schedule inclosed’), on one folio page, 11 May 1586. 1586.

*PtG 18: George Puttenham, Letter(s)


A letter by Lord Burghley to Sir Richard Paulet, politely declining his request for repayments in connection with his long lawsuit with George Puttenham, 2 January 1593/4. 1594.

PtG 211: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Autograph letter signed by Sir Richard Paulet, [to George Puttenham], about finding the ‘writinge[s]’ left by Paulet's father which Puttenham requested and which he will send him via his ‘coosen waller’, on an oblong octavo page, 23 May 1586. 1586.

PtG 197: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Autograph draft letter signed by Richard Paulet, to Lord Burghley, about his ‘longe, and chargable Sutes in Lawe’ with George Puttenham to his own ‘great hinderance and almost vtter vndoinge’, mentioning Puttenham's suit to the Queen for the return of £1,000 paid by him into the Exchequer (‘And to that purpose had yor honors & others the lle[s] of the cownsells order for a booke to be drawne for yt & passte her hignes signet, yet he was crossed therin (I thinck thoroughe gode[s] p[ro]vydence for his lewdnes) by Mr Sackford, so as he receyved yt not’) and requesting this repayment be bestowed upon him instead, on a folio page, 3 December 1593. 1593.

PtG 210: George Puttenham, Document(s)


A note in Latin on lawsuits against George Puttenham by John, Katherine and Richard Paulet, Barnabus Arnewode, and the scriveners Hieronimus Studley, William Dodd and William Deringe, on a quarto page, 29 March to 12 May 1578. 1578.

PtG 89: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Copy of a letter by Sir John Throckmorton, concerning money received from farms and including news that the Sheriff has entered the manor of Herriard with ‘greate vyolens’, dispossessing tenants and delivering lands to Sir Richard Paulet, on four folio pages, 18 March 1578/9. 1579.

PtG 135: George Puttenham, Document(s)


An autograph note signed by John Cressett, recording receipt for his master George Puttenham from Sir Richard Paulet of ‘one paper note…touchinge certen wrytinge[s] that was to be delyurd vnto Willm Woode[s]’, on a small strip of paper, 22 October 1580. 1580.

PtG 176: George Puttenham, Document(s)


An autograph letter signed by Sir Thomas Bromley, Lord Chancellor, to George Puttenham, urging a settlement of the controversy between him and Paulet, on a folio page, 16 August 1581. 1581.

PtG 184: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69/F2/14/1 [‘Bundle 1’]

18 items chiefly relating to the case of George Puttenham versus his estranged wife Elizabeth Lady Windsor.


PtG 133: George Puttenham, Document(s)

‘A note of the first takinge of [Puttenham's] house in the Whitefriars’, a copy of various depositions in the case, on three folio pages, February 1578/9. 1579.


PtG 139: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Draft of Lady Windsor's responses to George Puttenham's allegations, on four folio pages. c.1578-9.


PtG 144.5: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Allegations exhibited 10 May 1577 and the response of Lady Windsor, on one folio page, Easter 1579. 1579.


PtG 62: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Copy of a royal injunction on Puttenham for Paulet's debts, in Latin, on an oblong folio page, January 1572/3. 1573.


PtG 95: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Articles to be administered to Henry Burr, deputy to the Under-Sheriff of Middlesex, on behalf of Lady Windsor, concerning George Puttenham's imprisonment, on two folio pages, 24 June 1578. 1578.

Quoted in Willis, pp. 451-2.


PtG 140: George Puttenham, Document(s)

‘Briefe: notes declaringe sundrye devises and p[er]swasions vsed by mr Puttenhm to the Ladye Windsor his wiefe; and others, as meanes to accomplyshe his foule and ravenous practyse of disseason in the Manor of heriard to the…spoile of John Poulett’, on a broadsheet. [c.1578-79].


PtG 88: George Puttenham, Document(s)

A letter to Sir Nicholas Bacon by commissioners reporting on the supplication of Lady Windsor to Secretary Walsingham against George Puttenham who ‘laborethe to be discharged of his xcomunycation (for not payment of the sayd somme of xliiijli)’, on a pair of conjugate folio leaves, 30 April 1578. 1578.

Quoted in Willis, p. 453 (as ‘to Lord Bughley (?)’).


PtG 165: George Puttenham, Document(s)

‘The cause of complaynte Wronge[s] and Iniuries sustayned by the Lad Elizabeth Windesor By George Puttenham her husband by the space of these xv yeres last past’, about Puttenham's ‘lewd dealinge[s], accusing him of adultery with Izarde Cawley’, her servant and gentlewoman, whom he tried to marry off ‘the better to geave Colloure to his incontinente Dealinge[s] wth her’ the very thought of which ‘had almost coste the sayd La[dy] her lieffe’, his harrassment of another ‘waitinge gentlewoman…of tender yeres called Mary Champneys’, as well as one Jane Woodes (he ‘assaulted the said maiden in moste wicked maner and therewth also shewed her what thraldome and miserye she should sustayne and therefore the next way was to assente vnto him in his Carnall Desires…after that he brote her wth child and Carried her to Antwrappe in fflanders…where she was Deliured of child…and lefte her in there in grete misery’), his getting a house cook with child which he ‘fathered…vpon one of his Servinge men’, his getting ‘one Elenor chambre maide’ with child who was ‘then Conveid to one Nicholas Newbollte Clarke his howse’ where she was subsequently ‘kepte and deliured of Child’, and his taking ‘wth greate Violence one Elizabeth Johnsone and in Moste Detestable and brutiyshe maner’ using her for ‘three yeres last paste’, as well as having ‘most wickedlie assailled the wyfe’ of one of her neighbours, on one broadsheet, undated. c.1670s.

Quoted in Willis, pp. 414-15.


PtG 166: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Two petitions by Puttenham to Queen Elizabeth and the Privy Council, in a minuscule calligraphic hand, one requesting the Queen to confirm the recommendation of the Council ‘for a booke to be made in that case requisite, and fitt to passe your Royal Signe: thereunto presented by Mr Secretary Walsingham’, on two oblong folio pages, endorsed ‘a petycon to the Queen Elizabeth from mr Puttenham a very odd one’, undated. c.1670s.


PtG 153: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Articles of agreement between Lady Windsor, George Puttenham and Sir John Throckmorton, written and signed in her hand, on a folio page, c.July 1579. c.1579.


PtG 141: George Puttenham, Document(s)

‘The Lady windsors answere to the vntrue Allegacons of George Puttenhm to the Lo Archebysshopp of Cant and the Lorde of London’, including her claims about ‘in what meane estate she tooke him’ which should have ‘caused a man of honest and good disposyc[i]pon to haue had a great deale more care and regard for the maintenance of her happy dayes’, about ‘his cruell and vnmanly handlinge of her thourough Stripes. pynches. and suche lyke’, the ‘beastlyke demeanures’ of ‘so incestyous and vnsatyable a man wth diurse lewd women’, and other offences by him so that ‘She thinkethe also herselfe bound to abandone the company of so evill & vytious a p[er]son least she should be partaker of his iust punyshm[en]t for the same’, on six folio pages. c.1578-9.

Quoted in Willis, pp. 442-5.


PtG 150: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Lady Windsor's petition agianst George Puttenham and Sir John Throckmorton, concerning ‘the sinister dealinge[s] of them therin’ with respect to lands at Herriard, docketed with a note about the delivery from Sir Francis Walsingham of relevant documents concerning Herriard, on a broadsheet, 3 July 1579. 1579.


PtG 120: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Articles exhibited by George Puttenham to the Archbishop of Canterbury and ecclesiastical commissioners, concerning the ‘malice’ of Lady Windsor and her children, including allegations that she cohabited with her late husband's ‘most mortall enemies’ and sought to defraud him, on four pages of two pairs of conjugate folio leaves. c.1578.

Quoted in Willis, pp. 439-41


PtG 73: George Puttenham, Document(s)

A note in Latin on the Puttenham-Windsor case, on two folio pages, 14 March 1575/6. 1576.

Quoted (in English translation) in Willis, p. 413.


PtG 134: George Puttenham, Document(s)

‘A declaracion of the true value of all soche Rente[s] Anuyties and Lande[s] as were graunted by George Puttenham Esquier vnto Sr John Throckmorton knight…xvij ffebruarie &c 1578’, on both sides of a broadsheet. 1578.


PtG 167: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Notes on lands that George Puttenham had by Lady Windsor, on a broadsheet. c.1670s.

Quoted in Willis, pp. 452-3.


PtG 168: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Answers of Lady Windsor to George Puttenham's ‘false Allegac[i]ons…laide against her to the Lorde[s] of the Counsell’, including her recollection of the earlier occasion when ‘wth a weapon called a bastynadoe’ he ‘beatte the said p[er]sons in very contemptuous maner and brake one of their heds very sore’ and other ‘outrage’ by him, her trusting that the Lords will not blame her for separating her self ‘from the company of soe evell a man, and better late then never, havinge so longe forborne to vtter the vnspeakeable myseryes’ she had ‘endured wth modestye’ which ‘womanhed did forbid’ her to disclose; appealing to the Lords ‘not over lightlie’ to give credit ‘to his gloryous and paynted speache whose custome is all supreme authorities and ordynarye & civill governement as a mockarye to vse’, who ‘in greate glorye and boaste of his owne witt and invenc[i]on’ defied the summons to appear before the Lords, and where she and her children ‘did thincke to haue Cloyed him wth the aucthoritie of the higher powers he was then sicke sicke sicke’, on three folio pages, undated.

Quoted in Willis, pp. 445-7.

44M69/F2/14/1 [‘bundle 1 bis’]

18 items relating to the case of John and Sir Richard Paulet and others versus George Puttenham concerning Lady Windsor's estates.


PtG 169: George Puttenham, Document(s)

The answer of M. Paulet to George Puttenham concerning the ‘Riott in the White friars’, on four broadsheet pages. c.1570s.


PtG 145: George Puttenham, Document(s)

George Puttenham's replication to ‘the severall Answeres’ of Lord Thomas Paulet, Katherine Paulet, Richard Paulet, Francis More, Thomas Welche, William Dodd, John Halle, Thomas Ayshe and John Wooldrige, on seven broadsheet pages, 17 May 1579. 1579.

Quoted in Willis, pp. 447-8.


PtG 125: George Puttenham, Document(s)

‘Notes touching fraudulent deedes of guifte’, on one quarto page; a two-column list of ‘obiections of Sr J. Throckmorton’ and ‘Answere of [John] Poulett’, endorsed, possibly by Puttenham, ‘Pawlete[s] demandes’, on two folio pages.

Quoted in Willis, pp. 428-9.


PtG 170: George Puttenham, Document(s)

A brief note of costs for ‘places wasted & damage[s]’ and an account of the damages, on a slip of paper and one folio page. c.1570s.


PtG 87: George Puttenham, Document(s)

A scribbled note (? by John Paulet) about their losing [? Puttenham's] ‘Artycles’ because they ‘woer of so lytle purpose that we nevr tooke care to prserve them’, endorsed ‘Artycles of Message betwene Powlet & Puttenha[m] vpon the special labor of Putte[n]h[am] by mr Owen’, on two folio pages, Easter Term 1578. 1578.


PtG 85: George Puttenham, Document(s)

An obligation between John Paulet and George Puttenham, signed by Paulet, on a membrane of vellum, 15 February 1576/7. 1577.


PtG 214: George Puttenham, Document(s)

‘Certeyn sentences collected: concerninge maryadge’, endorsed (? by Sir Richard Paulet), with a memorandum about where he had laid his own books, including: ‘On the left hand of the chest beyinge opening I lawyd and Packt all the bookes I had of Mr Puttenham, wch reached halfe way the chest…next mr Puttenhams bookes aforesaid I layde all my Lattyne bookes, greeke…and suche like’, on two folio pages, 18 December 1596. 1596.


PtG 124: George Puttenham, Document(s)

A draft list of interrogatories, about whether an unnamed witness knows George Puttenham and can throw light on ‘wrytinge[s]’ concerning Herriard, on a small folio page. c.1578.


PtG 171: George Puttenham, Document(s)

A list of points relating to Throckmorton etc., endorsed ‘Brief of poulette[s] petycon to my lorde Threaseror’, on a quarto leaf. c.1570s.


PtG 172: George Puttenham, Document(s)

‘A briefe of mr George Puttenhms practyses against Richard Poulet wherin he the said Richard requirethe redresse’, on a broadsheet page. c.1570s.


PtG 77: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Copy of a Privy Council order concerning the Puttenham versus Lady Windsor dispute, on a folio page, June 1576. 1576.


PtG 178: George Puttenham, Document(s)

‘A note of my lorde W[indso]rs & lord Tresorers lre to my La. Throckmrton’ concerning her late husband's lease with George Puttenham and title to Heriard, on two folio pages, after 22 May 1580. 1580.


PtG 173: George Puttenham, Document(s)

‘All the demaunde[s] that Mr Pauwlett can make (as I suppose)’ and [?Puttenham's] answer, in a cursive secretary hand, on three folio pages. c.1570s.

Quoted, with facsimiles, in Willis, pp. 423-6.


PtG 81: George Puttenham, Document(s)

A note on a hearing in the Star Chamber, on one page with an endorsement, 16 November 1576. 1576.

44M69/F2/14/1 [‘bundle 2’]

Fifteen items chiefly relating to the case of George Puttenham versus his estranged wife Lady Windsor.


PtG 128: George Puttenham, Document(s)

A statement in Latin about the Puttenham-Windsor case, on two folio pages. c.1578.


PtG 163: George Puttenham, Document(s)

‘A copy of mr putenam Apeale’, in Latin, on two folio pages.


PtG 138: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Copy, in court hand, in Latin, of the final concord between Lady Windsor and Jane Kydwelly about land at Herriard and elsewhere, on two folio pages. c.1578-9?.


PtG 126: George Puttenham, Document(s)

A bill of complaint of Lady Windsor against George Puttenham, enumerating her troubles with him for fifteen years (‘…not havinge the feare of god before his eyes [he] most wikydlie hather eur since lyved most incontene[n]t geving him self our to whoredome and other ungodly lief…not only wasted and consumed all [her] landee[s] and goode[s], But also in the same tyme moche [misabused?] her wth c[o]r[po]rell stripes beatinge[s] and other vnseamely acte[s] and demeanoures’ wasting her revenues ‘in the mainteynaunce of most vnhonest women and Nursinge of his Base borne children by him begotten of them’), on three broadsheets. c.1578.

Quoted in Willis, pp. 434-6.


PtG 122: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Lady Windsor's allegations against George Puttenham exhibited before the ecclesiastical commissioners, to get a divorce, on two broadsheets. c.1578.


PtG 121: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Details of Puttenham's revenues by Lady Windsor, on one broadsheet. c.1578.


PtG 164: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Depositions by seventeen persons in answer to Lady Windsor's allegations about George Puttenham's adultery with various women, the children they bore him, and the physical violence he had inflicted upon herncluding various testimonies that Puttenham was reputed in the country to lead ‘a very evill and dissolute lyfe’, ‘a verye vngodlye life’, living ‘incontinently’, ‘wth dyvers women a longe tyme’, and to keep ‘a young woman secretly’, being ‘a hansome comelye younge woman’; that he kept at his own charge Elizabeth Johnson (who, by one account, named herselfe ‘Besse Malon’) at a house in Upton Grey and that he was seen to visit her ‘secretlye’ at various times for half an hour or more at a time in a chamber with the door kept shut; Elizabeth Johnson's own testimony confirming that, after having her brought to a house in Paddington, Puttenham ‘wth much adoe had his pleasure carnallye wth her’ and then kept her at his charge in various houses over a period until his wife Lady Windsor and others found her at Upton Grey and brought her to Herriard Manor; others, including widwives, reporting that ‘a wenche’ named Eleanor and Katherine Kirby both had children by Puttenham, who paid for their nursing, and that Eleanor was now Nicholas Newbold, the parson of Bradley's, wife; Thomazine Harte also testifying that Puttenham and his man James Kirby had made repeated attempts, with ‘greate offers of rewarde[s]’, to ‘allure her Daughter to consente…to satisfye his fylthye lustes of concupisence and fornicac[i]on’, offers which she ‘vtterlye abhorred’, which led to much ‘discorde and displeasure’; with further reports that Puttenham had ‘often tymes beaten and struken the saide Ladye Eliz his wiefe and behaued him selfe very Rigorrouslye by punchinge and throwinge her downe by violence’, on one occasion, ‘in his rage and furye’, throwing his wife ‘downe like to burste her backe & Rybbes’, in Latin and English, in a folio booklet of 22 pages. c.1570s.

Quoted in Willis, pp. 415-18.


PtG 75: George Puttenham, Document(s)

A certificate of John Kingsmill, in Latin, concerning an ecclesiastical grant of absolution made to Puttenham and others in connection with the incident when they fought in Herriard churchyard on 9 May 1576, on a small membrane of vellum.


PtG 131: George Puttenham, Document(s)

An autograph draft letter by Lady Windsor to ‘yor worshipps’ about Puttenham's ‘false sugestions’ (‘he hath such power to abuse you…he derideth you all, to yor owne faces’) and his cruelties to her (‘tendringe to the immynent danger of my life The manr whereof at large I am Ashamed for womanhed…to dilate vnto you’). Written on the back of an address leaf addressed by Katherine Paulet to her husband John Paulet, on a pair of conjugate folio leaves. c.1578.

Quoted in Willis, pp. 441-2.


PtG 130: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Lady Windsor's answers to George Puttenham's articles, passionately accusing him (‘so wicked a man voyd of all conscyence’ who ‘maried the Landes and the liuinge and not the woman’) of ‘vildlie’ treating her ‘more like a kytchin slaue then like a wyfe’ (‘Latelie ye haue most wickedlie attempted…to spoile me of my life wch beyng so I way ye ar no man for me to keepe any socyetie wth’), threatening to reveal such matters as his ‘sclawnderouse tounge hath Ranged’ as he will ‘spedelie Repent’, contemptuously dismissing his various allegations (‘you feare yor owne shadow’), swearing ‘you shall not still play the p[a]rte of Oliuer omrant as hetherto yor glorious hed p[er]swadeth you still that you daunce in a net so as no bodie may espye yor devises’, and declaring that he has ‘consumed and spoiled almost all’ and that what she herself has carried away ‘scarse amonteth to a payre of hose to my legge[s]’, on three folio pages. c.1578.

Quoted in Willis, pp. 438-9.


PtG 132: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Extract from a quitclaim, in court hand, by William, Elizabeth and John Paulet to Ralph and John Knight, on two broadsheet pages. c.1578.


PtG 21: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Assignment by Robert Wursham (or Wonersham) to William, Lord Windsor, of lands in Weston Corbet and elsewhere, on one membrane of vellum, 23 September 1555. 1555.


PtG 117: George Puttenham, Document(s)

A draft letter by Lady Windsor, on the back of an unrelated letter, to Dr Lewis and the Commissioners of the Court of Delegates concerning her lawsuit, on four folio pages. c.1576-8.


PtG 22: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Extract, in court hand, from a rent roll for Lord Windsor's property at Bentworth, on both sides of a broadsheet. 1557.


PtG 220: George Puttenham, Document(s)

A later inventory of Lord Windsor's goods, on two quarto pages. 19th century.

44M69/F2/14/1 [‘bundle 3’]

‘The Coppye of the Inventory of the plate goode[s] and catalle[s] of the right honerable will[ia]m lorde wyndesor’, on a roll of 24 broadsheets.

PtG 159: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69/F2/14/1 [‘bundle 4’]

A bond between Jane Kydwelly and Elizabeth Lady Windsor, on a long strip of vellum, 3 March 1559/60. 1560.

PtG 24: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69/F2/14/2 [‘folder 2’]

A bill of complaint to the Queen by George Puttenham, about the breaking-into his house in Whitefriars and other related problems, on 27 broadsheets; together with a petition by John Paulet to ‘your lordship’ concerning the Lady Windsor versus Puttenham dispute, on eight broadsheets, 3 February 1577/8. 1578.

PtG 86: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69/F2/14/2 [‘folder 3’]

Answers of Richard Paulet, Francis More and William Dodd to George Puttenham's bill of complaint about their breaking into his house in the Whitefriars, on eight broadsheets. c.1578-79.

PtG 143: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69/F2/14/2, [unnumbered item in ‘bundle 1’]

A note in a secretary's hand, signed by George Puttenham (‘Geo. putenham’), presumably to the Paulet family, requesting them to ‘yelde me myne owne wth quyetnes’ and let the bearer Mr Owen have ‘the Inventory you haue take of my goode[s] or a copie therof’, on a small slip of paper. c.1578.

*PtG 129: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69/F2/14/2, [unnumbered item]

A letter, in a cursive secretary hand, signed by Puttenham (‘Geo. putenham’), to his wife Lady Windsor, concerning a debt of £200 and admonishing her not to make ‘frivolous demands’. c.1576-7?.

*PtG 11: George Puttenham, Letter(s)

Quoted, with a facsimile, in Willis, pp. 426-8.

44M69/F2/14/2, [unnumbered item]

An autograph receipt signed by George Puttenham (‘Geo. putenham’), relating to an indenture of 30 November 1562 received from Sir Richard Paulet concerning legacies and obligations between Puttenham and Edward Lord Windsor, on one folio page, 5 June 1581. 1581.

*PtG 181: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69/F2/14/2, [unnumbered item]

Autograph list by Puttenham of ‘Writinge[s] to be deyuerd by Ric pawlet’, on a folio page, 11 May 1586. 1586.

*PtG 196: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69/F2/14/2, [unnumbered item in ‘Bundle 1’]

Autograph receipt signed by George Puttenham (‘Geo. putenham’), for various ‘parcells of writinges’ from Sir Richard Paulet via John Waller, on one folio page, 26 May 1586. 1586.

*PtG 198: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69/F2/14/2, [unnumbered item]

A petition to the Privy Council by Richard Paulet, for reassurances by George Puttenham and the late Sir John Throckmorton's son, Francis, concerning the manor of Herriard and a farm in Upton, which Puttenham had illegally surrendered to the Queen, [November 1583]. 1583.

PtG 191: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Quoted in Willis, pp. 461-2.


A bill of complaint against George Puttenham addressed to Lord Burghley by Robert Hunt, John Wilwey, Marsell Whitley and John Talnall, farmers of various manors, relating to various of Lord and Lady Windsor's estates, alleging that c.1572/3 Puttenham took advantage of the absence of the Windsors' overseer to take unlawful possession of their premises, on twelve broadsheets, 1578. 1578.

PtG 127: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Copy of George Puttenham's information against Thomas Ashe (husband of Mary Paulet), John Hanle, Richard Knight, John Wells and William Bethill, for alleged unlawful possession of a moiety of Weston Corbett manor, Upton Bernard in Upton Grey, and property in Worthy Mortimer and Hartley Wintney, on two broadsheets, November 1582. 1582.

PtG 186: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Interrogatories to be administered on behalf of John Hall to Christopher Wilmot of Herriard, on two broadsheets, 22 October 1583. Concerning George Puttenham's alleged attempt to gain possession of land. 22 October 1583.

PtG 189: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69/F2/14/18 [unnumbered item]

Answer by Sir Richard Paulet to a ‘slanderous’ bill of complaint against him by John Lee and others, on three folio pages, 28 March 1614. Mentioning the ‘great suite[s] in law’ he and his father had with George Puttenham who married Sir Richard's grandmother ‘and would have defeated him of his land, yf yt had not ben holpen in the highe court of Starchamber’, by which means he was ‘left muche indebted at his fathers deathe Chardged wth divers Legacies’, [c.March-April 1614]; one of eight items concerning complaints against Sir Richard's magistracy in 1606-14. 1614.

PtG 218: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Mention of George Puttenham's having allowed Sir Richard Pexall to enclose part of Herriard Common, in one of fifteen items relating to a lawsuit between Richard Savage and Sir Richard Paulet, 1598-1605. c.1598-1605.

PtG 215: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Documents relating to a lawsuit between George Puttenham's beneficiary and administratrix Mary Simmes, widow, and Sir Richard Paulet, concerning the administration of Puttenham's estate, including her charge that Paulet and twelve others had unlawfully and ‘in rioutous manner wth Iron Barrs’ entered Puttenham's house at Whitefriars, arrested him and removed certain goods, and Paulet's answer (of 18 November 1611) referring to George Puttenham as his grandmother's ‘most…lewde husband’, seven items, seven pages in all, folio and octavo. 1610-13.

PtG 216: George Puttenham, Document(s)


A letter signed by Sir John Throckmorton, to Sir Henry Wallop, about the verdict at the Hampshire assizes against George Puttenham and Throckmorton's refusal to let Paulet enjoy any lands in Herriard until his title has been tested, on two folio pages and an address leaf, September 1578. 1578.

PtG 97: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Quoted in Willis, pp. 453-4 (as ‘to Thomas Ashe (?)’).


An autograph letter signed by Lucy Jervoise, to Mr Guidott, referring to Puttenham's having ‘intangled’ her grandfather ‘in bondes…in ye Lady Winsors time’. c.1630s.

PtG 219: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Copy of a letter by Ralegh to his wife (1603), on a pair of conjugate folio leaves, endosed with a twenty-line poem beginning ‘Death is the goale of fame in life we doe’. c.1620s.

RaW 946: Sir Walter Ralegh, Letter(s)


Copy, in two hands, headed ‘A discourse tuchinge the prsent Consultation Consernige the peace wth spayne and there layinge of the nether landes in socitye & Prection written by sr walter Rawley’, thirteen pages. c.1620-30s.

RaW 665.5: Sir Walter Ralegh, A Discourse touching a War with Spain, and of the Protecting of the Netherlands

Among the papers of the Jervoise family, of Herriard Park.

A tract addressed to James I and beginning ‘It belongeth not to me to judge whether the king of Spain hath done wrong to the Netherlands...’. First published in Three Discourses of Sir Walter Ralegh (London 1702). Works (1829), VIII, 299-316.


A folio booklet of speeches in Parliament, 1640, in a professional hand, 22 leaves (plus blanks). c.1640s.

Among the papers of the Jervoise family, of Herriard Park.


WaE 792.5: Edmund Waller, Speech in the House of Commons, 22 April 1640


A speech beginning ‘I will use no preface, as they do who prepare men to something to which they would persuade them...’ First published in two variant editions, as A Worthy Speech Made in the house of commons this present Parliament 1641 and as An Honorable and Learned Speech made by Mr Waller in Parliament respectively (both London, 1641). In Proceedings of the Short Parliament of 1640 (1977), pp. 306-8. It is doubted whether Waller actually delivered this speech in Parliament, though ‘He may have prepared and circulated the speech in manuscript to impress contemporaries’.


Copy of a commission by the Queen, concerning the River Loddon between Basingstoke and Twyford, addressed to John, Marquess of Winchester, and numerous other Hampshire gentlemen, including George Puttenham. 1573-4.

PtG 64: George Puttenham, Document(s)


Copy of 33 epigrams (Nos 1-7, 10-13, 15 [18], 16 [19]-35, and 36 lines 1-33 incomplete), in a secretary hand, in a small quarto booklet. Late 16th or very early 17th century.

DaJ 8.5: Sir John Davies, Epigrammes

Among the papers of the Jervoise family, of Herriard Park, and probably owned by Sir Thomas Jervoise (1588-1654).

58 Epigrammes first published in ‘Middleborugh’ [i.e. London?], [1595-6?]. Krueger, pp. 127-51. Fourteen additional Epigrammes printed from MSS in Krueger, pp. 153-9.


Copy of the song, here beginning ‘ffarewell Deare loue since I mvst needes begone’, in a secretary hand, on one side of a folio leaf, the verso bearing in the same hand ‘The Answere’ (beginning ‘Let me chose farewell vntill we next doe meete’). c.1600.

ShW 108.5: William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, II, iii, line 105. Song (‘Farewell dear heart, since I must needs be gone’)

Among the papers of the Jervoise family, of Herriard Park, and probably owned by Sir Thomas Jervoise (1588-1654).

Edited from this MS in Charles Murray Willis, Shakespeare and George Puttenham's Arte of English Poesie (St Leonards-on-Sea, 2003), pp. 250-3, with a two-page facsimile.

Sir Toby Belch's song.


Autograph fragment by Puttenham, with revisions, beginning ‘entertayne the three estates in euery of ther liberties…’, followed by ‘Cap. xviij How the prince sought to entreat the stae of nobillitee in generall’; then ‘Cap xix° how the prince in allowinge the state of the nobilletee his premyn ences shoold haue regard that it become not ouer insolent’; and ‘Cap xx how respect shoold be had that the state of nobillitee shoold not be impovrished p thother estates’, ending ‘…since this only excesse is on of the suckers that of all other drawth most bludd owte of this misticall bodye.’, on ten folio pages, with stubs of excised leaves beforehand, in vellum. Seyssel's book is listed in two notebooks (PtG 8-9), once in a book inventory dated 10 November 1576, the other in a catalogue of the books ‘browght from mystres ffranklins howse’ (Willis, p. 394). Mid-late 17th century.

*PtG 6: George Puttenham, Claude de Seyssel. La Grande Monarchie de France

Among the papers of the Jervoise family, of Herriard.

Identified as a translation from Seyssel by Eric Lindquist.

A political monarchist discourse by Claude de Seyssel (d.1520), Bishop of Marseilles and Archbishop of Turin, written c.1515 and first published, as Le grant monarchie de France in Turin, 1518 (second edition Paris, 1541). No published English translation before c.1980 is known. The apparently unique translation in MS seems to have been made by Puttenham.


An octavo notebook, in varying scripts, includes notes on expenses and accounts; Italian-English vocabularies; linguistic and legal notes in English, Latin and French; some notes written in joined bubbles, others in bracketed columns; and ‘A catalogue of the booke[s] yt I browght from mystres ffranklins howse’ (listing over 40 books in French, Latin, Italian and English, and ‘wryten booke[s] of myn owne dyvers’), 88 leaves, in a vellum wrapper taken from an older document in Hebrew. Not in Puttenham's hand, but possibly compiled by members of the Paulet family. Late 16th century.

PtG 9: George Puttenham, Notebook

This volume is discussed, as if by Puttenham, in Willis, pp. 387-96.

44M69/[unnumbered; old number D1/6/71]

‘An Inventory of suche goode[s] and cattells of George Puttenham Esquyer as remayned att vpton and heryerd…praysed & vallewed’ by John Hyde and ten other valuers, on a folio vellum leaf, endorsed with notes about other legal documents. 1579.

PtG 155: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69/[unnumbered; old number D1/6/72]

‘A note or Inventory taken of the principall wrytingte[s] and Evidence[s] that remayne in my hande[s] of George Puttenhms Esquire the xix daye of October in the xxijth yeare of the Raigne of or soveraigne Ladye Elizabeth &c. [i.e. 19 October 1580] all wch are conteyned in two great Boxes whereof one hathe in him xv. smale Boxes and the other but xiiij as folloueth…’, 8 folio leaves, [1561-November 1580]. A detailed and systematic listing [? by Paulet] of some 100 deeds, bills, leases, bonds, acquitances, agreements, releases, certificates, wills, statutes, rentals and other documents, alphabetically arranged in groups, on ff. [1r-5v]; followed (on ff. [6r-8r]) by ‘A note of suche wrytinge[s] and Evidence[s] as have been delivrede to Sr John Throckmorton mr Puttenhn and theire servante[s] since the takeinge of the white ffryards’. 1561-80.

PtG 33: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Quoted in Willis, p. 457.

44M69/[unnumbered; old number D1/6/73]

Copy of George Puttenham's last will and testament, with an account in Latin of the probate and administration of it by William Woodfall, on a folding membrane of vellum, 14 October 1594. 1594.

PtG 223: George Puttenham, Will


A formal assignment by George Puttenham and Sir John Throckmorton to Queen Elizabeth for the repayment of outstanding debts, 27 September 1575. 1575.

PtG 70: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Quoted in Willis, pp. 413-14.

44M69/[unnumbered; old number D1/6/A21

A formal document by Puttenham surrendering to Queen Elizabeth all his lands in order to pay off debts, on six pages, 5 June-7 July 1583. 1583.

PtG 188: George Puttenham, Document(s)

In Willis, pp. 459, 461.


‘The Inventorye taken and had the xiijth daye of ffebruarye A° xx° Regine Elizabeth of sundrye evydence[s] goode[s], and implemte[s] of household and other thinge[s] in the tenement late in the occupac of George Puttenhm…the White ffryars neere ffleetstreet in London by katherin Poulett wiefe of John Poulett Esquire…’, on sixteen folio leaves, in a wrapper of a recycled vellum indenture, annotated and inscribed by William Waller to his brother John, 13 February 1577/8. A detailed list (on ff. [2v-12v]) of some 370 numbered documents or groups of documents, in addition to a quantity of unnumbered items (‘more in the same red cheste’, etc.), followed (on ff. [12v-14r]) by a list of 112 ‘Bookes’ (English, French, Latin and Italian), including items at the end such as ‘Two pap booke[s] in pchmt one wryten in Rym dyalog’, ‘one lytle book in velim Contayning a dialog wrytten in Romane hand’, ‘One othr lyttle booke of Certeyne meeters Wryten in honr of her mate[s] name in pchemt bound wth greene leaves’, ‘A pap booke bownde in pchmt entitled a book of Accompte[s] betwene me & my ffarmers of heryard at or lady daye 1574’, and ‘a nomber of papers some Rimes. Riddles and othr Ragged loose papers’. 1577/8.

PtG 85.5: George Puttenham, Document(s)

44M69 [unnumbered]

A formal licence to pass beyond the seas granted to George Puttenham by Queen Elizabeth, in a professional secretary hand, signed at the top by the Queen and bearing her seal. 5 May 1567.

PtG 44: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Quoted with a facsimile, in Willis, pp. 396-9.

44M69 [unnumbered]

A receipt, in the cursive secretary hand of a clerk, signed by Puttenham (‘Geo. putenham’), for the return by Richard Paulet of ten specified books of Puttenham, on a single page, 22 October 1580. 1580.

*PtG 177: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Quoted in Willis, with a facsimile, pp. 457-9.

44M69 [unnumbered]

A receipt signed by George Puttenham, for a deed of gift from Richard Paulet dated 10 December 1565(?) for goods and chattels that Puttenham is making over to Sir John Throckmorton, on one page, 2 May 1581. 1581.

*PtG 180: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Quoted in Willis, p. 459.

44M69 [unnumbered]

Receipt, in a clerk's hand and signed by George Puttenham, for an obligation in paper by Richard Paulet, 24 July 1564. 1564.

*PtG 38: George Puttenham, Document(s)

Quoted in Willis, p. 459.