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An octavo miscellany, in a single mixed hand, possibly compiled by a Jesuit. Late 17th century.

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MaA 340: Andrew Marvell, The Second Advice to a Painter (‘Nay, Painter, if thou dar'st design that fight’)

Copy, on eight pages.

First published in Directions to a Painter…Of Sir Iohn Denham ([London], 1667). POAS, I, 34-53. Lord, pp. 117-30. Smith, pp. 332-43. Recorded in Osborne, pp. 28-32, as anonymous.

The case for Marvell's authorship supported in George deF. Lord, ‘Two New Poems by Marvell?’, BNYPL, 62 (1958), 551-70, but see also discussion by Lord and Ephim Fogel in Vol. 63 (1959), 223-36, 292-308, 355-66. Marvell's authorship supported in Annabel Patterson, ‘The Second and Third Advices-to-the-Painter’, PBSA, 71 (1977), 473-86. Discussed also in Margoliouth, I, 348-50, and in Chernaik, p. 211, where Marvell's authorship is considered doubtful. A case for Sir John Denham's authorship is made in Brendan O Hehir, Harmony from Discords: A Life of Sir John Denham (Berkeley & Los Angeles, 1968), pp. 212-28.

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MaA 377: Andrew Marvell, The Third Advice to a Painter (‘Sandwich in Spain now, and the Duke in love’)

Copy, headed ‘To ye Painter’, on three pages.

First published in Directions to a Painter…Of Sir Iohn Denham ([London], 1667). POAS, I, 67-87. Lord, pp. 130-44. Smith, pp. 346-56. Recorded in Osborne, pp. 32-3, as anonymous.

See discussions of the disputed authorship of this poem, as well as of the ‘Second Advice’, cited before MaA 314.

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RnT 592: Thomas Randolph, Extracts

Extracts, headed ‘Scraps out of Randolph’, on 30 pages.

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WaE 915: Edmund Waller, Extracts

Extracts, headed ‘Skraps out of Waller’, on 23 pages.

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Part book of David Peebles's settings of the Psalms and Canticles, and other works. Compiled by Thomas Wode, Vicar of St Andrews. 1562-c.1592.


CmT 53.8: Thomas Campion, ‘If any hath the heart to kill’

(v) Quintus. 1586.

First published in The Third and Fourth Booke of Ayres (London, [c.1617]), Book IV, No. xxl. Vivian, pp. 185-6. Davis, p. 189.