Essex Record Office, Colchester

D/DRg 3/3

A composite copy, in different hands and paper sizes, partly in the hand of Ralph Starkey (c.1569-1628), antiquary, 21 pages. c.1620s.

RaW 553.5: Sir Walter Ralegh, Apology for his Voyage to Guiana

Among manuscripts purchased after Starkey's death by Sir Simonds D'Ewes, Bt (1602-50), diarist and antiquary.

A tract beginning ‘If the ill success of this enterprise of mine had been without example...’. First published in Judicious and Select Essays and Observations (London, 1650). Works (1829), VIII, 477-507. Edited by V. T. Harlow in Ralegh's Last Voyage (London, 1932), pp. 316-34.