English Province of the Society of Jesus, London


Copy, with a dedication claiming that the MS is transcribed by the copyist from Southwell's autograph MS and that the translation was intended by Southwell to be presented to the mother of Anne, Lady Beauchamp. Early 17th century.

SoR 340: Robert Southwell, S.J., Catholic Saint, The Hundred Meditations of the Love of God

Later in the library of Benjamin Heywood Bright (1787-1843), book collector. Sotheby's, 18 June 1845 (Bright sale), lot 247, to Doleman.

This MS recorded in Brown, p. xx.

An English translation of Diego de Estella's Meditaciones devotissimas del amor de Dios. First published in London, 1873, ed. John Morris, S.J.

MS Gillow 993


MrT 65: Sir Thomas More, Cresacre More's Life of Sir Thomas More

First published c.1626.