Downing College, Cambridge

Bowtell Collection, MS ‘Wickstede Thesaurus’, Part II

A folio volume of tracts and letters, many relating to Cambridge affairs, partly compiled by I. Wickstede, mayor of Cambridge. Early 17th century.

ff. 25v-7r

DaJ 114: Sir John Davies, Verses given to the Lord Treasuer upon Newyeares Day upon a Dosen of Trenchers, by Mr. Davis (‘Longe have I servd in Court, yet learned not all this while’)

Copy of the series of twelve poems.

This MS collated in Krueger and in Doughtie, pp. 596-601. Described in Krueger, p. 439.

First published as ‘Yet other 12. Wonders of the World never yet published’ in Francis Davison, A Poetical Rhapsody (London, 1608). Doughtie, Lyrics from English Airs, pp. 381-4. Krueger, pp. 225-8.

f. 40r

RaW 919: Sir Walter Ralegh, Letter(s)

Copy of a letter by Ralegh.

ff. 46r-7r

CoR 42: Richard Corbett, A Certaine Poeme As it was presented in Latine by Divines and Others, before his Maiestye in Cambridge (‘It is not yet a fortnight, since’)


First published in Poëtica Stromata ([no place], 1648). Bennett & Trevor-Roper, pp. 12-18.

Some texts accompanied by an ‘Answer’ (‘A ballad late was made’).

ff. 106v-7v

DrW 117.29: William Drummond of Hawthornden, For the Kinge (‘From such a face quois excellence’)


Often headed in MSS ‘The [Five] Senses’, a parody of Patrico's blessing of the King's senses in Jonson's Gypsies Metamorphosed (JnB 654-70). A MS copy owned by Drummond: see The Library of Drummond of Hawthornden, ed. Robert H. Macdonald (Edinburgh, 1971), No. 1357. Kastner printed the poem among his ‘Poems of Doubtful Authenticity’ (II, 296-9), but its sentiments are alien to those of Drummond: see C.F. Main, ‘Ben Jonson and an Unknown Poet on the King's Senses’, MLN, 74 (1959), 389-93, and MacDonald, SSL, 7 (1969), 118. Discussed also in Allan H. Gilbert, ‘Jonson and Drummond or Gil on the King's Senses’, MLN, 62 (January 1947), 35-7. Sometimes also ascribed to James Johnson.

f. 115v

BcF 609: Francis Bacon, Letter(s)

Copy of a letter by Bacon.