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A folio commonplace book of verse and prose, in a single neat hand. c.1666.

Among papers of the Sheridan family, of Frampton Court, Dorset.

pp. 1-9

HlJ 74: Joseph Hall, Extracts

Extracts from works by Hall, including extracts from Occasional Meditations, under subject headings (‘Time’, ‘Idlenesse’, ‘God is noe respecter of Persons’, etc.).

p. 209

StW 1283: William Strode, Jack on both Sides (‘I holde as fayth What Englandes Church Allowes’)

Copy, in double columns, headed in the margin ‘On the Religions of protestants and of Papists’.

First published, as ‘The Church Papist’, in Wits Recreations (London, 1640). Reprinted as ‘The Jesuit's Double-faced Creed’ by Henry Care in The Popish Courant (16 May 1679): see August A. Imholtz, Jr, ‘The Jesuits' Double-Faced Creed: A Seventeenth-Century Cross-Reading’, N&Q, 222 (December 1977), 553-4. Dobell, p. 111. Listed, without text, in Forey, p. 339.

p. 211

WoH 147: Sir Henry Wotton, A Poem written by Sir Henry Wotton in his Youth (‘O faithless world, and thy most faithless part’)

Copy, headed in the margin ‘On Women’.

First published in Francis Davison, Poetical Rapsody (London, 1602), p. 157. As ‘A poem written by Sir Henry Wotton, in his youth’, in Reliquiae Wottonianae (London, 1651), p. 517. Hannah (1845), pp. 3-5. Edited and texts discussed in Ted-Larry Pebworth, ‘Sir Henry Wotton's “O Faithless World”: The Transmission of a Coterie Poem and a Critical Old-Spelling Edition’, Analytical & Enumerative Bibliography, 5/4 (1981), 205-31.

p. 211

WoH 93: Sir Henry Wotton, On his Mistress, the Queen of Bohemia (‘You meaner beauties of the night’)

Copy, headed in the margin ‘On ye Queen of Bohemia’.

First published (in a musical setting) in Michael East, Sixt Set of Bookes (London, 1624). Reliquiae Wottonianae (London, 1651), p. 518. Hannah (1845), pp. 12-15. Some texts of this poem discussed in J.B. Leishman, ‘“You Meaner Beauties of the Night” A Study in Transmission and Transmogrification’, The Library, 4th Ser. 26 (1945-6), 99-121. Some musical versions edited in English Songs 1625-1660, ed. Ian Spink, Musica Britannica XXXIII (London, 1971), Nos. 66, 122.