Devon Record Office, Exeter

Basket D/67/99

A certificate of orthodoxy, in Latin, for one Edward Goswell, Herrick's signature (‘Robertus Herrick’) appearing as the first of six in support of the testament, 12 October 1661. 1661.

*HeR 447: Robert Herrick, Document(s)

The Bishop's Transcripts for 1613-1811

Herrick's signature (‘Robert Herrick Minister’), on a leaf in the Bishop's Transcripts for 1613-1811 relating to Dean Prior, the leaf, probably written shortly after 20 April 1663, containing ‘The names of those which haue beene buried since the first day of Aprill one thousand sixhundred sixtie and Two’, counter-signed by Herrick's churchwardens Thomas Mudge and Samuel Hore. 1663.

*HeR 449: Robert Herrick, Document(s)

Chanter 151

Book of Subscriptions to the Act of Conformity.

f. 43r

*HeR 448: Robert Herrick, Document(s)

The signature of ‘Robert Herrick Rector of Deane Prior’ on a leaf in the middle of twenty-five signatures by clerics and academics (eighth in the right-hand column), 31 August 1662. 1662.

L. 276

Copy of a letter by Valentine Cary, Hall's predecessor as Bishop of Exeter, dated 23 February 1624/5, with Hall's subscription endorsing Cary's ‘Certificate’ regarding a school and teachers, itself subscribed and supported by the Dean and Chapter of Exeter Cathedral, all in a professional secretary hand, on both sides of a folio leaf. c.1625.

HlJ 97: Joseph Hall, Letter(s)

L. 325

Autograph letter signed, to the Lord Mayor of Exeter, 10 August 1629. 1629.

*HlJ 104: Joseph Hall, Letter(s)

L. 326

Autograph letter signed, to the Lord Mayor of Exeter, [1629]. 1629.

*HlJ 105: Joseph Hall, Letter(s)

L. 337

A joint letter to the Corporation of Exeter, in a professional secretary hand, signed by Hall and others, 19 July 1630. 1630.

*HlJ 111: Joseph Hall, Letter(s)

L. 352

Autograph letter signed, to the Lord Mayor of Exeter, undated. 1629-1634.

*HlJ 106: Joseph Hall, Letter(s)

L. 353

Autograph letter signed, to the Lord Mayor of Exeter, 8 June [no year]. c.1629-34.

*HlJ 107: Joseph Hall, Letter(s)

L. 363

Autograph letter signed, to the Lord Mayor of Exeter, 4 September [no year]. c.1629-1634.

*HlJ 108: Joseph Hall, Letter(s)

MS 36

Copy. Early-mid-17th century.

RaW 585: Sir Walter Ralegh, A Dialogue between a Counsellor of State and a Justice of the Peace

Once in the library of Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872), book and manuscript collector: Phillipps MS 34507. Sotheby's, 25 March 1895. Afterwards owned by Thomas Nadauld Brushfield (1828-1910), medical superintendant, antiquary, and Ralegh scholar.

A treatise, with a dedicatory epistle to James I beginning ‘Those that are suppressed and hopeless are commonly silent ...’, the dialogue beginning ‘Now, sir, what think you of Mr. St. John's trial in the Star-chamber?...’. First published as The Prerogative of Parliaments in England (‘Midelburge’ and ‘Hamburg’ [i.e. London], 1628). Works (1829), VIII, 151-221.