Cumbria Record Office, Kendal

JAC 495/7

Lady Anne Clifford's accounts for 1668-76. 1668-76.

CdA 8: Lady Anne Clifford, Memorandum Book and Accounts

Edited from this MS in Spence (1997), pp. 255-6.


A complete set of three large cartularies. Including Lady Anne Clifford's ‘Memoriall’ or Autobiography and the full text of Richard Robinson's account of ‘All the Nine Memorable Voyages’ of her father, George Clifford (1558-1605), third Earl of Cumberland, privateer, formally prepared in a variety of hands (probably including her secretaries and copyists Edward Langley, Edward Hasell, William Watkinson, Thomas Strickland, Edward Guy, and Edward Fawcett), with rubrication, numerous coloured or pen and ink genealogical trees and facsimiles of seals, with various decorative features, and with Lady Anne's autograph corrections, emendations or annotations on some 70 pages, nearly 890 large folio pages in all, each volume in 18th-century calf (rebacked). c.1649-75.

*CdA 1: Lady Anne Clifford, The Great Books of Lady Anne Clifford


(i) ‘The first booke of the recordes concerning the twoe noble familyes of the Cliffords which were Lords Cliffords...and the Veriponts’, 209 large folio pages (plus 30 blanks), dated 1649.

(ii) ‘The Seconde Booke of the Recordes concerning the Twoe Noble Families of the Cliffords and Veriponts’, 459 large folio pages (plus 33 blanks), undated.

(iii) ‘The Third Booke of the Recordes concerning the Noble Familyes of the Cliffords, Veriponts & Vescyes’, over 270 large folio pages (plus blanks), dating chiefly c.1652-75, with later additions up to 1734.

The third volume later owned by Lord Hodgson by family descent, and sold at Sotheby's, 10 July 2003, lot 81, with several colour facsimile examples in the sale catalogue, pp. 68-75.

Facsimiles of the first volume's first page, title and a genealogical tree in Spence (1997), pp. 161-2.


Lady Anne Clifford's last will and testament, written for her by Edward Hasell and signed by her (‘Anne Pembrooke’), 1 May 1674, proved 3 April 1676. 1674.

*CdA 27: Lady Anne Clifford, Will

Facsimile of this MS in Spence (1997), p. 246.

WD/HOTH/22 Acc988

Lady Anne Clifford's autograph inscription ‘About the beginning of June in 1669 I began to read this Booke my selfe in Appleby castle’. 1669.

*CdA 22: Lady Anne Clifford, Weldon, Anthony. The Court and Character of King James (London, 1650)

Recorded in Paul Salzman, ‘Anne Clifford's Annotated Copy of Sidney's Arcadia’, N&Q, 254 (December 2009), 554-5.

WD/TE/Box 16/8

A miscellany compiled by Benjamin Brown (1664-1748), of Troutbeck, High Constable of Kendal Ward. Late 17th century.

[unspecified page numbers]

PsK 57: Katherine Philips, Death (‘How weak a Star doth rule mankind’)


First published in Poems (1664), pp. 232-4. Poems (1667), pp. 119-20. Saintsbury, p. 574. Thomas, I, 190-1, poem 75.

[unspecified page numbers]

PsK 553: Katherine Philips, The Virgin (‘The things that make a Virgin please’)

Copy, headed ‘A pure Dresse for a Virgin’ and here beginning ‘The things that make a woman please’.

First published in Poems (1667), p. 136. Saintsbury, p. 583. Thomas, I, 207-8, poem 90.

[unspecified page numbers]

BcF 23.5: Francis Bacon, ‘The world's a bubble, and the life of man’

Copy, headed ‘Quarles vpon the life of man’.

First published in Thomas Farnaby, Florilegium epigrammatum Graecorum (London, 1629). Poems by Sir Henry Wotton, Sir Walter Raleigh and others, ed. John Hannah (London, 1845), pp. 76-80. Spedding, VII, 271-2. H.J.C. Grierson, ‘Bacon's Poem, “The World”: Its Date and Relation to certain other Poems’, Modern Language Review, 6 (1911), 145-56.

[unspecified page numbers]

WiG 27.5: George Wither, Speculum Speculativum (‘Our Modern Prophet (so did Paul)’)

Copy of 64 lines of the poem, headed ‘Withers in his Speculum, Speculativum’, here beginning ‘Seav'n Numerals the Roman Empire had’, on three pages.

First published, with preliminary material including a prose dedication to James I, in London, 1660. Miscellaneous Works of George Wither. Fifth Collection, Spenser Society No. 22 (1877; reprinted in New York, 1967), item 5 (pp. 1-176).