C. Cottrell-Dormer, Rousham

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Autograph letter signed by Philips (‘Orinda’), to Sir Charles Cottrell, 26 October [1663]. 1663.

*PsK 586: Katherine Philips, Letter(s)

Edited from this letter in Thomas, II, 110-15 (Letter XXXIXa). Edited earlier in Letters from Orinda to Poliarchus (London, 1729), Letter XXXIX, and, quoted from the ‘manuscript’, in Elijah Fenton's edition of The Works of Edmund Waller (London, 1729), pp. lxxxviii-lxxxix.

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Copy, apparently in the hand of Sir Clement Cottrell (1686-1758), superscribed ‘Mrs Philips call'd Orinda wrote this’, on a small folio leaf tipped-in a printed exemplum of Katherine Philips, Poems (London, 1676). Early-mid-18th century.

PsK 552: Katherine Philips, The Virgin (‘The things that make a Virgin please’)

This MS recorded in Thomas, II, 163.

First published in Poems (1667), p. 136. Saintsbury, p. 583. Thomas, I, 207-8, poem 90.

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Three indentures and one recovery roll, concerning the settlement of Waller's daughter, Anna Marah (b.1634), on marrying William Dormer, all signed by Waller, 10 October 1653. 1653.

*WaE 845: Edmund Waller, Document(s)