Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

MS 152

Bale's autograph annotations and index, including a Latin epitaph on King John, in a 16th-century MS.

*BaJ 39: John Bale, Triveth, Nicholaus. Historia sex regum Angliae &c.

This MS recorded in McCusker, The Library (1936), 151 (No. 38).


MS 168

A volume of miscellaneous documents relating to Richard Cox, Bishop of Ely (1500-81). 16th century.

No. 21

WyT 164: Sir Thomas Wyatt, ‘Like as the byrde in the cage enclosed’


Edited from this MS in Muir & Thomson, pp. 243-4.

First published in Songes and Sonettes (London, 1557). Muir & Thomson, pp. 243-4.

No. 22

WyT 219: Sir Thomas Wyatt, ‘Myne owne John Poyntz, sins ye delight to know’


This MS collated in Muir & Thomson and in Harrier.

First published in Songes and Sonettes (London, 1557). Muir & Thomson, pp. 88-91.

MS 357

Copy, in three professional hands, with annotations in later hands, imperfect. Early 16th century.

SkJ 28: John Skelton, The Bibliotheca Historica of Diodorus Siculus

Once owned by Robert Pen, a Gentleman of the Chapel under Henry VII and Henry VIII.

Edited from this MS in Salter and Edwards, with reduced facsimiles of ff. 73r and 247r in Vol. I, frontispiece.

Skelton's English translation of Diodorus Siculus from the Latin version of Poggio Bracciolini. Canon, C50, pp. 14-15. First published in London, 1956-7, ed. F.M. Salter and H.L.R. Edwards, 2 vols, EETS, 233 and 239.

MS 432

Skelton's autograph annotations and dedications, including two Latin dedicatory poems beginning ‘Quamvis annosa’ and ‘I, liber, et propera, regem tu pronus adora’ and an English verse beginning ‘That ever Englond had’. In a 15th-century French MS chronicle of the Third Crusade and exploits of Richard Coeur de Lion, a MS used by Skelton to teach history to Henry VIII when a Prince and presented to him after his accession to the throne. [1511-12].

*SkJ 30: John Skelton, Chronique de Rains

Parts of the dedications edited from this MS in James Nasmith, Catalogus librorum manuscriptorum quos Collegio Corporis Christi legavit Matthaeus Parker (Cambridge, 1777), p. 400, and in Dyce, I, 147. The dedications edited from this MS, with translations, in Carlson, pp. 45-6. See also H.L.R. Edwards, ‘The Dating of Skelton's Later Poems’, PMLA, 53.i (1938), 601-19.

Facsimile pages in William Nelson, John Skelton, Laureate (New York, 1939), after p. 116 and p. 174; in Petti, English Literary Hands, No. 16 (part of f. 1v); and in Henry VIII Man and Monarch, ed. Susan Doran (British Library, London, 2009), p. 31 (f. 7r).

Canon, C31, pp. 9-10.